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  1. mclean133

    carb mod's

    I have 08 yzf450 the carb is out now and i was wondering if there is any mod's to do to it befor i put it back togeather.
  2. mclean133

    suspension swap

    Will the forks and shock off my 08 yz450f fit on my 09 yz 250 two stroke.
  3. mclean133

    need help 08 450

    I have a 08 yzf 450 all stock with very low hour's. The problem is after the bike is started ( it starts 2nd kick every time and idle's fine) you give it a little bit of gas it start's to break up, pop, backback fire. Just like you would when you try to let the clutch out with a little gas. But if you cracked the throttle it doesn't do it is it a jetting issue i have cleaned all the jet's out checked every thing out it look's good.
  4. mclean133

    Need help 08 YZF 450

    the fuel screw is 2 1/4 turns out and also the bike is all stock with about 10 hr on it.
  5. mclean133

    Need help 08 YZF 450

    I have a 08 450 the bike seem's to be poping and backfireing when your are just off idle and when you get off the gas also i have played with the air screw it does not help what could it be.
  6. mclean133

    Best year

    What do you think was the best year for the crf 450. Let's hear it.
  7. mclean133

    RM-Z 250 help

    Im thinking about geting a left over rm-z 250 2010 this sat is anything i should know about this bike befor i buy it im going for a yamaha to this what i need to know what is the life span on the motor ive herd some good and bad what is bad. Ive never had any problems with my yam and i take good care of my bikes any info would help thanks.
  8. mclean133

    yz 250 years

  9. mclean133

    yz 250 years

    Is the 2006 yz 250 the same bike as the 2011 yz 250 what changes did they make in the 5 years.