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  1. lilrider100

    RUTS!!! How?

    does a hard pack tire make that much of a difference on a hard pack track over a soft turain tire on a hard pack tack???
  2. lilrider100

    RUTS!!! How?

    ok how about on those hard pack turns with no ruts...do I go balls out and try to slide the whole turn or do you take it nice and smooth on the inside of the turn??
  3. lilrider100

    Braking while in air

    when should i tap it?? at take off or mid air or close to the landing?? when is it most efeective??
  4. lilrider100

    Braking while in air

    im affraid of not needed how much angle its going to give me and endo....about how much does it move the bike???
  5. lilrider100

    Question about sandy wash riding

    is it better to have a half life sand tire (not a paddle) or newer hard pack tire for sand???
  6. lilrider100

    RUTS!!! How?

    im decent at ruts but i want to kno if its faster to take a inside or outside rut if its an option or to just clutch the bike around and take off?????
  7. lilrider100

    Help Setting Up YZ125

    yes if can post the stock lvl i would appreciate that...and to others i know tht it is not running to lean but its running to rich because of the ridiculus amount of smoke it produces and because of the sploog on the pipe always gets to be so much that it dripps on my rims and i have to clean em off after every ride:banghead:
  8. lilrider100

    oil in airfilterbox CRF250R 2011

    the oil could be from blo by ..this tube is a breather into ur valve cover and lets the pressure releive as u ride and bike gets hotter and watever other reason it might need or not need air ...but if ur rings are bad u could be geting leakage into the head and valves which might cause this oil in the air box...might suggest a compression check or take off ur seat and look into the hole while the bike is running and give it a good 5 or 10 second rev and see if oil is coming out...if so u probly need rings ....if not it probly got in their from en droped it or something
  9. lilrider100

    Help Setting Up YZ125

    yes... i need help im new to tt and i dont no how to post my own forums but im going to try and use urs to figure out my problem sry...anyways i have a 92 yz 125 with a nolaen exhaust and muffler and a nolean head but when i got it it had a bad power valve so i fixed tht and it still does same things.....on bottom if u floor it it just boggs out and berly accelerats .i know its a two stroke but it should still have more bottom end....i lowered the float lvl and it seemed to help slightly but i dont want to lean it out out to much i was woundering what u might suggest the problem is...if its in the jetting or wat???? and i cant seem to find the stock float lvl spec for it either