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  1. booner223

    OH NO! Is he going to cry again?

    I've begun to call home 6 lap Alessi. That's all he's good for.
  2. booner223

    Dual sport help

    What mods does it have on it? I think I bought my 2010 in 2010 and I paid about that much.
  3. booner223

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    What kind of rear tire is that and is it street legal on the 555?
  4. Stuff becomes real cheap when you start buying bulk.
  5. booner223

    To Rekluse or not to Rekluse

    Clutchless shifting is the way to go. It does take some learning, but when you figure it out it is much easier on you and the bike. I did it on my Harley and now do it on my KTM
  6. Great thread to read for all new beginners wanting to get out of the car and onto two wheels. I've been riding now for 10 years and mostly street at that. My first bike was probably a foolish purchase. It's was a 2004 Harley 1200 Sporster. Rode it off the show room floor without ever haven riden any kind of motorized 2 wheeler. I barely made it out of the parking lot. I had lots of learning to do on a bike that was not meant for beginners. I'm glad to hear that you took the motorcycle course before you bought any bike. (I took mine several months after owning it). I would definitely suggest you buy a bike that fits you correctly and doesn't have so much power that you get yourself into bad situations. I would suggest buying used for your first bike so that you're not spending a bunch of money on a bike that you're going to get rid of in a year or so. I had to trade my 1 year old sportster in for a bigger bike. I'll make one more point that I had to learn the hard way. Off-road riding is much different than on-road riding. The techniques are different. And both need to be learned and practiced to become good at both. I know have a d/s ktm and it has 1500 miles on it and 90% of that is on road. It's a blast and would highly recommend going the dual sport path. Fun on the road but a blast off the road.
  7. I know this is kind of an old post but what would you charge for something like this kit.
  8. Great advice. Getting back at it tomorrow.
  9. In that case, my ktm sucks right now. But I have high hopes for it. I'm doing, what I've learned should have been done at the factory, but wasn't due to it being a "emissions" free bike and 50 states legal, but when I have ridden it I love the way it feels. Smooth power great performance. Ride a lot of roads but have also ridden it in the deserts of Yuma, Arizona were I crashed it hard and still started with all the sand in the airbox. Since the high hopes that the KTM money I spent, way to much?, will still work out for me.
  10. The KTM I'm not sure about yet. Loved the heck out of the Harley. If I were to buy another street bike I would gladly pay 20k for another Harley. Never failed me.
  11. I've been both. I'm figuring out the KTM part but Harleys are the best cruisers I've ever driven. But these posts aren't about Harleys.
  12. My KTM is a handful. I've had good times with it I've had bad times with it. But right now it's the bike I have and it's fun to ride. 2010 KTM 450 EXC
  13. booner223

    2010 KTM 450 EXC emissions

    Very helpful. Thank you. That pretty much comfirmed all my suspisions. And gave me new ideas to boot.
  14. I have a questions about what can be removed from the emissions of my 2010 KTM 450 EXC. I have seen some YouTube videos that have removed them, but was wondering what I will need to do to the rest of the bike in order to make it run correctly without the emissions on it. I live in Arizona were there are no current emissions laws.