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  1. C-legs

    Top end rebuild?

    Just a little update, I was able to get my bike to a mechanic and as some of you mentioned It had nothing to do with rebuilding the top end and everything to do with the carburetor. The mechanic told me he suspected the valves and or the carb were the problem when I handed the bike over to him and mentioned the problems I was having. When I picked up the bike he said the valves were within spec but my carb had a plugged jet and was dirty. Runs great now, had it out yesterday enjoying the 80* weather So. Cal had to offer.
  2. C-legs

    Top end rebuild?

    I guess a trip to the mechanic is ultimately my best bet for diagnosis. Anyone in the So. Cal area LA/OC, that can forward info to a reputable mechanic? Its been hard to start for some time even after a valve adjustment.
  3. C-legs

    Top end rebuild?

    I should be due then. Would a compression test confirm this?
  4. C-legs

    Top end rebuild?

    Hey guys, new to the forum. I'm looking to rebuild my top end as suggested by a Yamaha mechanic. I bought my bike brand new in 05 and have been having alot of trouble getting her started while out on the trail. Ive adjusted the valves already and it didn't fix the problem. I believe Yamaha suggests the top end be rebuilt every ten hours? So I'm looking for some additional advice, rebuild or not? I do all trail/desert riding with an occasional trip to the sand dunes here in So. Cal. My bike is an 05 YZ450.