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  1. Dntlkbak

    Works connection glide plate

    I have the same one for my 2008 KX450, Mine has hooked brackets that fit around the square frame supports. This is what holds the plate on to the frame bolted from the outside.
  2. Dntlkbak

    Positive battery cable

    I wouldn't worry too much about it, I have had a few bikes & quads with these rubber covers on the battery posts and none of them seem to fit good, I think they actually shrink after awhile and that is why they tend not to fit, also I have noticed that they rip easily if you try to force them on. as long as it is covered well enough and nothing is going to short out against it it will be fine.
  3. Dntlkbak

    2008 and newer Yamaha xt250 discussion thread.

    Thanks for the heads up on the carb settings I will be checking them out. I took it out for its first ride the other day, What a comfortable bike to ride! smooth riding, quiet & easy to handle, should be perfect for what I bought it for. I have ordered a set of Acerbis Rally Pro III hanguards, Moose skid plate & Works Connection Hour/Tach meter for it. Also ordered a 2012 model "White front fender" to replace the black one that they put on in 2009, for $25 it might as well match the rest of the bike..
  4. Dntlkbak

    2008 and newer Yamaha xt250 discussion thread.

    Well just picked up my NEW never used 2009 XT250 from a dealer yesterday. I have been scoping out dual purpose bikes for a while and decided on this one. Looks like a nice bike and I have been reading and researching for some time. I think I will get a skid plate & hand guards asap. I wanted to ask if there is anything that I should be doing to this bike other than oil changes & good maintenance, Are the swing arms & steering head greased good from the factory any advice would be appreciated. I am not looking to change any exhaust or do other mods to make it have more power as I have a KX450 to use if want to throw some roost to the stars or pull my arms out of there sockets. I was wanting a good little bike to haul with the travel trailer or do some relaxing trail riding around the farm.
  5. Dntlkbak

    KLX 250SF offroad mods???

    Thanks Guy's.
  6. Dntlkbak

    KLX 450 dual sported

    Just wondering if anyone has dual sported there klx450r, and if so how is it, Too slow?, too hard on fuel? I have a kx 450 but it is too much around to make it into a dual sport, I would like to keep my kx a kx and get a bike like the klx for this purpose. "man if that ain't confusing".
  7. Hi All: I am looking into a klx 250. My question is, can a 250sf model be made to be like the 250s or are there other things on the SF that would not be easily changed. Tires and rims are the easy changes. Anyone out there ever change one over. What are the differences between the two? The reason I ask is that I have noticed that a lot of dealers are selling the 250SF model cheaper than the 250s.
  8. Iam currently setting up my KX450 for offroad. What would be the advantage of having a 18" rear wheel as compared to the 19" that comes with the race bike? All offroad specific bikes usually have an 18" rear wheel.
  9. Dntlkbak

    Flywheel Weights?

    Thanks for the advice and info, I was thinking of getting a Rekluse for the bike as well, would the Rekluse with a flywheel weight take too much out of the bike, or would the Rekluse system be enough?
  10. Dntlkbak

    Flywheel Weights?

    Do these things actually work or are they just a waste of money? I have a 2008 KX450 and ride mostly offroad, tight woods & trails and was wanting to have the bike a little more tame for this type of riding.
  11. Dntlkbak

    Renthal R3 O-ring chain- fits 09 450?

    It seems to work fine on my 08 KX450, no rubbing as far as I can tell. Not sure if the cases are the same as the 09 though.
  12. I was 7 years old and had a 1978 Honda XL 75. I put over 11,000 km's on it until I traded up to a brand new 1984 Honda XR 200. Then moved to team green. i have been riding for 33 years now, wow time fly's...
  13. Dntlkbak

    quick question about timing

    I have an 08 KX450, When I first bought this bike I wanted to fire it up at the dealership, so i jumped on and started to kick the bike over like there was no tommorow, but it would not fire up.(this is how we used to start bikes) The mechanic was there and told me to find TDC and not kick so hard. I did this and it fired right up with no problems. He told me that when you kick them over too fast it causes the decompression to not work properly and makes them very tough to start. I start it like he told me too and have no problems, I have tried to get on and just kick like crazy but it will be very stubborn to start. Hope this helps as the KLX motor is very similar to the KX.
  14. Dntlkbak

    08 KX450F, questions on fuel, exhaust, and comfort!

    I have the Pro Moto Billet stand, It fits nicely, works great, looks trick and when it is up it fits under the side panel. Well worth the $$$
  15. What brand of torque wrench do you use, and which one do you think is best. I bought a Mastercraft 3/8" that torques in "in/lb" for the bike but I dont really have much confidence in it after I torqued my oil filter housing bolt on my KX 450F(to spec) and stripped it. any suggestions?