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  1. TTRterror

    2001 TTR 125L suspension help

    i do completely agree and iv been looking but strapped for $$ im more hoping to be able to keep this bike around and still get some use out of it in the meantime tho..
  2. TTRterror

    2001 TTR 125L suspension help

    HI everyone, Im a new rider and i know these questions have been asked a thousand times but i cant seem to find what im looking for... i have a 2001 TTR 125L stock (except for a bbr exhaust) im about 6' and im in the 190 area.. im a trail rider and my forks just can take my weight over small jumps or even ruts... it makes ridding just that much harder for a new be like me (tho id do it everyday if i could) any help would be awesome!!! thank you guys so much in advance Michael-