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  1. Looking for some bigger/ wider foot pegs, can you suggest any?
  2. Garage

    2007 kx250f Cracked Cases

    @ NetKarts, I called up a shop near by called Engines Only, he said he maybe able to fix it, by welding it on. That solid pin is exactly what broke off. I was wondering wether you could weld it back in. I did not get as bad a situation as you did with your front sprocket, I just couldn't shift down with out having to get off the bike and pulling on my shifter. In the end I think I lucked out and did not bend my shifter rod, only my shifter and broke the pin clean off. Have you had any issues since he fixed it? Any troubles shifting? What a bad design by Kawasaki........
  3. Garage

    2007 kawasaki kx 250 f radiator leak

    Could I just put an egg in it? temporarily?
  4. Is there any way to fix a very small leak in a radiator?
  5. Garage

    2007 kx250f Cracked Cases

    I was kinda of stretching on that one, for any hope of not breaking the bank.
  6. Garage

    2007 kx250f Cracked Cases

    So far I have broken down my engine and Transmission and found that the shifter rod had broken the guide clean off the case, causing the shifter rod to slip through the case and be unable to shift down, and cause jamming. The shifter rod runs through the case to where the gears connect and the rod gear sits on a guide, which is a small rod that sticks out of the case. Unfortunately this small piece of the case is making me get a brand new set of cases, because the websites I have looked for parts on only sell these cases in pairs. I am looking at $500+ for cases and some new gasket seals for top end and clutch/ generator covers. Anyone know where I can buy individual Crankcases for under $350??? Also any advice for an alternative for a bearing press and puller ? Also this seems like a defect in cases, does Kawasaki do warranty on these? Hopefully I can be back and running for the beginning of the Race season in January.
  7. Garage

    2007 kx250f Cracked Cases

    My engine is fine. It runs well. My cases are cracked making me un able to down shift. So i was planning on just changing cases and what ever i find broken on the inside. I know i need a new clutch any recomendations? also any recomendations on preventing cases from cracking in the first place. PJz400: i agree, i will look on ebay for some cases. Let me know if i am unclear?
  8. Garage

    2007 kx250f Cracked Cases

    My engine is fine. I am just trying to get my engine and cases out of my bike frame.....
  9. Garage

    2007 kx250f Cracked Cases

    Hey guys, I cracked my cases in a race and need to replace them. I took my bike to Malcolm Smith in Riverside and they wanted $2400 for cases, new clutch and labor. So far I have stripped my whole bike down and took everything off including the radiators and whole back end. I need to just pull the motor out. I took the mounts off the motor and cant seem to squeeze it out. Any advice?
  10. Garage

    Backfiring on decel.

    this is really helpful!
  11. Garage

    2007 kx 250f popping

    I adjusted the fuel mixture screw, it helped a bit. I am going to leave it how it is, as I have fixed the random acceleration, with a #42 pilot jet. I am in SF, so I usually race at met calf. I will be going to glen helen soon though.
  12. Garage

    Breather hose leak after rebuild

    I think you just put too much oil in it, I do that alot with my KX250f 2007. The glass reader sucks, they need some dipsticks.
  13. Garage

    2007 kx 250f popping

    I got a new pilot jet#42. It idles now, but it is still popping. I have a # 45 pilot jet, should I go to the #45 or adjust the fuel mixture screw. I have the pin set at 4 (standard) This bike is a 2007.
  14. Garage

    any of you guys have this problem!

    maybe your pilot jet is the wrong size? or leak, try running team green.
  15. Garage

    11 KX250F Graphics !

    I have some kawasaki 2009 brand new graphics for $70 if anyone is interested?