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  1. motoplas

    Suzuki TS/M 400 ignition

    Hi All, I am looking for a suitable electronic ignition for my TS 400 I have the original which I am not interested in using. Has anyone fitted a PVL or equivalent? and if so which one? Thanks.
  2. Hi all, Can anyone steer me in the direction of a TS/M400 con rod kit? or equivalent? The last part of the puzzle. Thanks
  3. motoplas

    Suzuki TS/M 400 pistons

    Thanks Motosportman I will give him a try.
  4. motoplas

    Suzuki TS/M 400 pistons

    The TS/M 400 is a difficult size which Suzuki do not stock anymore, while you can access standard pistons fairly easy, oversize is a bit of an issue. Thanks for your response.
  5. motoplas

    Suzuki TS/M 400 pistons

    Hi, Does anyone know of an alternative piston for the TS/M 400, I have found a source of new standard pistons but nothing oversize. The Maico 500's have a smaller pin diameter and are smaller in height. I know that some water craft have simular dimensions but getting actual sizes is near enough impossible. Someone must have found an alternative. Anybody?