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  1. yeah magnets still there. Could not solve the problem so ordered a Trail Tech!!
  2. For some reason the speedo on my TE250 is not working. Its displaying 0mph and not counting miles any ideas why? Or has anyone fitted a Trail Tech Speedo to a TE250. The model specific Husqvarna one says its for Husqvarna TE 400-610 4stk 2005-2008. Has anyone fitted this to a 250 or have they used the universal one?
  3. getting there I guess! So I need a 05 Rear Fender with light 05 2t Tank Side panels any more that fit?
  4. Hi new on here, This is my first post. I have just bought a 2004 (I think) TE250 and am struggling to find some new plastics for it. Everything seams to be for newer 2005 bikes onwards. Is it possible to fit newer plastics with mods? Or does anyone know where I may be able to get hold of some 2004 ones?