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  1. Sixdays4

    NW pics in Dirt rider

    mx813 what tires are you running there? Anyway those trails look great anyone ride the hairy trails outside of randle, Wa the goat trails way way up in the hills?
  2. Sixdays4

    05 crf 450

    ok what is the limit of elevation for stock jetting?? thanks for the quick reply
  3. My buddy has an 05 crf 450 bone stock, has stock jetting etc. we live in ellensburg, wa which is about 1500 ft in elevation compared to 50 ft elevation where we used to live, what should his jetting be, or can the stock jetting work and just some little tweaking on the carb do the trick???
  4. Ill jump in, used to be 200-205 when i was in navy, i got out 1 1/2 years ago, now im 240!!!! but with my new career being a wind turbine tech. and climbing the towers everyday which kicks ass and a brand new ktm, im getting back to about 210 is my goal.
  5. Sixdays4

    The O-Ring Mod for an FCR

    thanks. no i understood what you were trying to say in the earlier post.
  6. Sixdays4

    FMF slip on....

    ttt nobody knows if it has a spark arrestor.
  7. Sixdays4

    ISDE vs Champions Edition

    probably cause the red bull graphics are more perferred...
  8. Sixdays4

    The O-Ring Mod for an FCR

    The jetting i believe is spot on, but there will always be a tiny split second of bog or hesitation on anything, even the tiniest, but all im asking is if the o-ring mod is a good thing to have to just help that much more in making throttle response awesome?
  9. Sixdays4

    FMF slip on....

    I cant find anywhere where it states the black FMF slip on has a spark arrestor in it.... or maybe i should just powder coat my stock one....
  10. Sixdays4

    ISDE vs Champions Edition

    not much that i know of, my buddy has the 450 champ edition and i have the 530 6day edition, i think his came with orange anodized front brake res. cover and hydro clutch handle cover and 4 less horsepower.....oh and red bull graphics....but not much else that i can think of there basically the same bike same weight, just a 4 hp difference
  11. Sixdays4

    The O-Ring Mod for an FCR

    not really the way all these people are complaining about. but if it can make even the littlest of differences for the better i will do it....
  12. Sixdays4

    The O-Ring Mod for an FCR

    can this or should this mod be done on an 2010 ktm 530 xcw??? havent seen that bike come up yet?
  13. Sixdays4

    530 Breather hose leak??

    anybody,,, pros and cons to all this or should i just leave the lines where they are.....
  14. Sixdays4

    530 Breather hose leak??

    Why should these hoses and mods even be done in the first place...i still do not understand it....i mean no where have i read..you do this mod because????? is it just cause temp. reasons or a little oil leakage that can be fixed, by doing the cam screw deal that is stated about above???
  15. Sixdays4

    2010 450 XC-W street kit

    i have a plated six days 2010 530 xcw, but im in washington state, no problems at all getting it either