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  1. ktravelet

    Knee Surgery Rehab Question

    My doctor gave me a brace to lock in full extension when I waldek for the first 2.5 weeks. As soon as I sat down I was supposed to unlock it and move though. He said this was purely for safety just incase I would slip, trip, leg give out ect.
  2. ktravelet

    My ACL surgery story, part 1...

    Thanks for that. Looks like we picked the right doctors if they can keep up with the impressive healing schedules of your patients.
  3. ktravelet

    My ACL surgery story, part 1...

    HAHA today is exactly 5 weeks post op for me. I tore ACL, MCL, and miniscus. You and I apparently both had "easy" recoveries. I was walking with a cane a few days out, and on my own 2 weeks out. I can now extend all the way (missing <5 deg), and bend almost all the way. In 12 days I go back to the surgeon to get released for weight bearing PT. Unfortunately now is the hardest part. We feel decent, but still can't do anything. I think this next month will be the worst since its so nice out. I'll be much happier when I can jog, and/or ride a bike. @Dr. Mark, what do you have your patients doing at this point?
  4. ktravelet

    What do you do for a living?

    And I can attach my name to your resume. It won't garentee a job, but it will atleast help.
  5. HAHA thanks Dr. Mark. I'm going to see my ortho that put a screw in my wrist for scaphoid break. Here's some x-rays too. Can you confirm that it is displaced? Thank a lot!!!
  6. So my hand has the reverse bennett fracture. The 5th is displaced slightly by about 5mm. The orthopedic put me in a carpal tunnel brace, specifically told me that this doesnt support the fracture, and told me to make a fist and extend my hand a lot for 2 weeks. I personally dont like this, it seems backwards from the typical cast and isolate the broken bones. I'm very very active and I dont want this affecting me for the rest of my life. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  7. ktravelet

    New graphics for 2011 and the VCGP!

    no offence but I liked the before better. Guess yellow just isnt your thing.
  8. ktravelet

    What do you do for a living?

    These threads are always interesting. I got really lucky with my job considering I'm 23. I work for SAP as a database consultant. Speacialized in Oracle, and LiveCache
  9. ktravelet

    knee pcl questions

    wait a sec, is the knee not supposed to moved backwards after the PCL is "healed"? I'm asking because im about 3 years out of a PCL tear and it still moves a decent amount. I'd say its right about if not a tad more then the 1cm limit you talked about. Sorry to hi-jack btw.
  10. Check this deal I got. 2006 yz250 with factory connect all around suspension, and new top end for 2200! Plastics could be replaced, this guy had custom graphics on it with his name. He took of the shroud graphics and left the rest. Doesnt look the best but boy does it feel, and run great. I'm at work right now and cant attach pictures.
  11. Seriously! I just recently moved to Philly from Lancaster. Wow, there is no where to ride around here.
  12. ktravelet

    Shamokin... anyone ready for an early season trail day?

    I think this is my first post lol. I'm down when ever. Just got back into riding dirt from a four year break while I was in college.