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  1. LIAM14738

    2006 yz250f

    I want to get a flywheel weight for the 250f . woods racing expert class and not sure which size. riding northeast woods. any one use a size specific and had luck with it? I only stall when hitting small jumps or logs with quick braking into a corner. I think I need a little more inertia. steahly offers 3 sizes but I don't want to bog down the motor too much . I have also seen a heavy clucth basket . WHICH WAY DO I GO?
  2. LIAM14738

    2002 yzf250 oil tank problem

    Did you wait a couple minutes after shutting down the motor? let it warm up three or for minutes shut down and wait a couple minutes. don't over fill, drain,, check your measurement, refill, crack the line to bleed and run a few min. then wait a couple to check. you should ee t on the dip stick. if not clean the strainer and make sure the lines are not clogged .with an air hose