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  1. brogers93

    New - Old - Stock, KTM 250xc

    Sweet bike! Congrats!
  2. brogers93

    What bikes have electric start?

    The Suzuki DR-Z70 has e-start. Picked one up a couple months ago for my 8 yr old. First bike, so it's plenty for him. It's about the same height as a CRF50 but the 70cc engine makes a big difference. Overall it's a nice little bike and plenty for him to get comfortable on.
  3. brogers93

    Riding near Fort Bragg, NC

    Thanks for the info guys. It's funny how any time I'm driving somewhere my head is on a swivel looking for potential places to ride. Didn't realize how good I had it as a kid when all I had to do was cross the street in front of my house and ride the woods/sand & gravel pits for miles and miles. Well, I'm planning on heading down to Outback or Cape Fear on Friday afternoon with the boys. Spring vacation is coming up so we're planning on hitting Busco and/or Carolina Adventure World. I did find a potential spot off 87 behind the Food Lion across from Linden Oaks. Quite a few trails back there and I drove them with my truck. Didn't see any "no trespassing" signs or anything and there were some tire tracks from ATVs and dirt bikes...
  4. brogers93

    Riding near Fort Bragg, NC

    It's a damn shame they don't allow it anymore. So much land just sitting there and it would give folks something to do on weekends instead of getting into trouble. Well, I may have to try the trails...on google earth it looks like they run pretty far to the north so maybe I could outrun the MPs if I had to!
  5. brogers93

    Riding near Fort Bragg, NC

    Thanks Glebo. MX is not really my thing. The trails at Outback and Cape Fear were great. Just wish there was something like that closer to me. Of course, the trails that run on the north side of Fort Bragg along 87 are really tempting me...
  6. In a nutshell, I just recently got back into riding after a LONG break. I've also got my two boys, 9 and 6, riding with 70cc and 50cc bikes. I've been down to Outback ATV and Cape Fear parks. Problem is that they are around an hour and a half from where I live between Spring Lake and Sanford. As much land as there is around here, you'd think there would be more places to ride, either officially or "unofficially." Looking for any type of trails or just some wide open land to practice on. Not really looking for MX tracks. Anyone in this area know of anything close by? I'd by happy to pay some landowners for use of their land! Any help is greatly appreciated! BR