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  1. hey guys just wondering if anyone has swapped a kx250 2t or kx125 2t in a 2006 kx250f perimiter frame? what would i need to get this done
  2. hey guys just built a 2006 kx250f over the winter. getting ready to get it started how much oil and what type of oil do you guys use? its got a hinson clutch kit witch has a clutch cover with no site glass:bonk: what were they thinking
  3. rob211

    What is an 06 Pro Circuit bike worth?

    wow sick bike
  4. rob211

    206 rmz250 overheatin!!

    if your not circulating you ether have a clogged hose or your impeller or water pump seals failed
  5. rob211

    206 rmz250 overheatin!!

    drain ur antifreez, see if it is clean/ if it has oil in it =head gasket... if not fill it back up make sure the bikes cold, keep the rad cap off start it and see if little bubbles come up or not. this will tell u if your circulating coolant
  6. rob211

    guys show me your kawasakis

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  7. rob211

    Post pics of your CR's

    heres a pic of my mod cr125 im building....let me know what you guys think about it...i also need a used pipe pro circut fmf lmk http://img696.imageshack.us/slideshow/webplayer.php?id=dsc06286f.jpg
  8. rob211

    guys show me your kawasakis

    heres a my kx250f i built over the winter.....lmk what you think http://img88.imageshack.us/slideshow/webplayer.php?id=dsc06277o.jpg
  9. rob211

    What is an 06 Pro Circuit bike worth?

    lets see some pics!!!! i wouldnt pay any more than 3500 even though they didnt change those 250f's that much until 09
  10. well i baught the bike from my friend last summer after it had a complete rebuild on the motor. has around 10 hours on it so im pritty sure valves are still in spec. i will check soon but how would i be able to tell what jet is in it since i never personally jetted it? and i just cleaned out the pilot jet to see if it ran better without the hard starting....jet kit is ordered
  11. please help i want to get out to the race this weekend!!!!!!!!!!
  12. ok so i have a 06 kx250f. has megabomb pipe and 4.1 muffler. no other mods. last year it ran idled and everything reved without popping and at the end of the season it acted as if the gas was bad.i think the carb was never jetted right. took it out last week wouldnt start without giving it gas( it is alot colder out then when it ran flawlessly last year) then when it did start it wouldnt run with anything less than giving it 1/4 throttle. so i took the carb off to clean out the carb and adjust the fuel pilot screw and i found a clogged low speed jet( as i thaught i would) so i blew it out with all the other jets put it back together, went 2.1/4 turns out on the mixture screw and it doesnt start. checked for spark-sparks good put a new plug in it for the hell of it, its getting fuel, but doesnt start at all after trying every possible way to start it. hot start cable is not stuck for sure. i dont under stand i thaught it would start up and run like garbage if the jettings off but nothing. didnt even switch the jets. so im ordering the right jet kit for the pipe and hopefull it starts. what do you guys think about it has me stumped!! what is the needle clip suppost to be at? 4 from the top?