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  1. islandlife

    300 exc winter riding,heated grips and mods

    You can hook grip heaters into the ac lighting circuit, i had my 09 300 hooked up like that with an LED headlight running off the battery charge circuit
  2. islandlife

    Changing mix ratios and jetting

    Do a compression test. As the compression lessens, the bike will seem to run richer and richer. With your jetting you should be pretty close to spot on for a fresh motor, maybe even a bit lean. If the bike seems to kick over super easy, and its low on power and spooging, i would bet money you need a fresh top end.
  3. islandlife


    Ive worn thor impact body armour for years, works great! Takes a bit of getting used too, but worth it for the protection. Some of us have to show up at work on monday after all
  4. 140/80-18 goldetyre 216 or mitas ef07, with tubliss, but thinking of going mousse soon
  5. islandlife

    Cracked pipe

    Could be, as i ride primarily tight woods and trials-esq rocks. They mostly just get beaten on, rare to get a crack.
  6. islandlife

    Cracked pipe

    Wow. I cant believe people are going through pipes at 25-40 hours. Ive put over 250hrs on my 08 on a gnarly and an srt. They have been bent, dented, repaired, tweaked, bashed, squeezed, repaired, dented, repaired, cracked, brazed...... Still work just like a pipe should. No leaks, just not pretty lol. Do you guys ditch them as soon as you get a little dent or something?
  7. islandlife

    2012 300xc difference between 300 XCW

    Correct me if im wrong, but: 2012 300 xcw has open chamber forks and pds rear suspension Speedo/hour meter Wiring for lights and higher output stator Wide ratio trans Xc has Closed chamber forks Link rear suspension Semi-Close ratio trans
  8. islandlife

    Exhaust tabs frame.

    I had to replace one on my 09, and one on my old kx. I just looked at pics on the web and made my own out of 14g steel. Make them as close in shape to the originals as you can, tack them on, test fit the exhaust system, adjust as necessary and weld em on. Throw some paint on the new tabs/welds and go riding!
  9. islandlife

    2012 250xc 12vdc failure

    Your headlight circuit is actually AC im pretty sure
  10. islandlife

    AIR BOX & AIR FILTER on the Xc

    I also have an 09, never had a problem with stuff getting past the filter, or the cover coming off. Sounds like there is an issue with instalation or hardware as previously mentioned.
  11. islandlife

    ktm Factory suspension settings

    If im not mistaken, stock suspension on fullsized ktm's is usually sprung for a 165-185 lb rider
  12. islandlife

    Stalling going down hills -2010 KTM 300 XC

    Usually stalling while coasting is due to a rich idle circuit. Could be float out of wack or air screw adjustment
  13. islandlife

    Absolute best fork oil?

    +1 on the skf seals! Made a dramatic difference on my wp open cartridge forks. I run lucas 5wt, but thats all thats available close to me. Seems to works just fine.
  14. islandlife

    What do you safety wire?

    Grips and throttle cable on carb end
  15. islandlife

    2009 KTM 300 XCW Starter Woes (bendix, etc)

    Pretty sure the 09 250 sx has a smaller tank that will fit