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  1. lanny574

    low end bog 2008 yz 450f

    What I don't understand is i have been riding this bike for two years now and it just started doing it. I installed a fmf slip on muffler, went one up on pilot and one up on main jet. I mean don't get me wrong the bike rocks, I rarely ride the bike from close to 1/4 so the big is notvthat big of deal, but I'm screwed if I have to seat bounce something out of a corner or on a rhythm section.
  2. I have been practicing at this track and there is a table to table into a triple and when I land off the second table and crack the throttle real hard in mid air close to the landing ramp to seat bounce over the triple it bogs real hard and I case it everytime. I have been playing around with the jets but nothing seems to be working. Would this have anything to do with the leak jet?
  3. does anyone know of an easier way to change the pilot jet out, without having to take ther carb out?
  4. lanny574

    Athena vs. Cylinder Works

    not sure on reliability, but last weekend I rode an 07 with the Athena Kit on it, with a 14-53 sproket set up it was nasty, power everywhere, rode bike in 3 rd gear entire time.
  5. lanny574

    yz 450f bogging when landing

    stock jetting, should I play with jets, also heard to do the AP O-Ring Mod???, do you know about that?
  6. lanny574

    yz 450f bogging when landing

    stock jetting, rode this bike all last summer in the FL heat and never had this issue, one of the first things I checked was that vent tube and it was clear, it only seems to do it when the bike gets hot ie.. 5th or 6th lap on a 3/4 mile mx track.
  7. putting a powercore slip-on my 2008 yz 450f what do i need to do to the jetting
  8. I have a stock 2008 yz 450f getting ready to put a FMF powercore slip-on the bike. The bike is bogging in mid air right before I'm about to land off a jump on the downside I crack the throttle and it boggs hard. any suggestions?
  9. I have a 2008 yz 450f with a stock exhaust, getting ready to install a fmf powercore slip on. The bike is bogging when I'm about to land and crack the throttle on in right before the landing ramp, any suggestions. Is this a jetting issue, its getting hot down here in FL.