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    Honeymoon's over - FT500 Ascot Question

    http://peoplespoetry.net/FT%20500.htm Hello, I have just updated my website with the latest photo of my FT 500 1982 I have just replaced the rear tire with a Dunlop Classic, this tire finishes off the look of the FT there is some useful info on this classic machine just take a look on my site:ride:
  2. hondaft500

    Honeymoon's over - FT500 Ascot Question

    I’ve just renovated my FT and had to remove the cam cover and re-tapped six of the bolts replaced the rocker shaft O-rings and the exhaust cover seals. You just have to remove the top engine mount as well as the petrol tank. It took me a bit of time but no oil leaks now just remember that all the bolts just have to be hand tight, who ever had the FT before me must have been a body builder I’ve had to re-tap other bolts on the bike, just done the fork seals as well as one was leaking it’s a bit time consuming but worth the effort. Try the link below I’ve put some pictures of my FT on my website,,,, just click the link below and you will see the link to my Honda FT500 on the left menu http://www.peoplespoetry.net