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  1. This is becuase you are one of those Ford vs. Chevy rednecks, of course you would.
  2. So basically he has less power than a standard 600cc motor, sweet!
  3. That music sucked, you are in Hungary and make great AK47s, please extinguish the rap culture before it gets to late.
  4. Ryan Hughes is a ****** to begin with
  5. Why wear a helmet as well Squidder
  6. Those Kings are a tad overkill lol bro truck
  7. You just like watching two dudes roll around in the mud. Me on the other hand, I thought that video was pretty gay.
  8. Holy crap what's your dad do for a living
  9. Dude in the red was a ******
  10. Ride the new ZX10 then go ride that fatty of an R1, report back lol
  11. Never finance a motorcycle or any toy for that matter especially if you are 20. That will put you on the path to end up as a broke ass American like 90% of the population that can't save their money and rely on credit cards to sustain life. Don't be one of those people
  12. I rode last weekend in an all black Shift Airborn jacket, it was 108 here in Az. Was not bad at all
  13. Yup you need a quad.
  14. They are all blue?