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  1. Nolan256

    Houston Area Motorcycle Shop?

    How was rat racing in alvin? I wonder if anyone can preferably get this done next Friday by the Texas night series...
  2. Nolan256

    Houston Area Motorcycle Shop?

    I live in Galveston County and am wondering what's a good priced shop that can re-do my KX motor for me?
  3. Nolan256

    Stewart in Trouble...

    His middle name is mark supposedly? They have his mugshot and a video of him walking outta jail. It couldn't be any more true. The story may be false though. I heard he used the lights to run red lights and a off duty cop was in front of him.
  4. Nolan256

    '06 kx250f locked up

    Took out the motor and tried to take it apart but afraid to break anything. Any cheap shops around houston to wrench on my motor?
  5. Nolan256

    '06 kx250f locked up

    This 2006 KX250F has been a bundle of frustration for me so far. I got it last Sunday, used obviously. I take the seat off and the filter deteriorates in my hands. I buy a new filter but the bike pops A LOT. I replaced the spark plug and now it hardly pops and only during decel. But yesterday was trouble. I rode 10 to 20 laps and find out my kickstarter fell off and the bolt broke off with it so I couldn't bolt it back on. But it still started, so I rode it all day in 70 degree weather. Not too hot. I start my bike for a final few laps, put it in neutral, throw my helmet on and shift down to go. The bike locks up on me. It won't kick. Pretty much seized without riding it. I'm just wondering if it seized like that could it just be the top end? It didn't blow up while riding it. I just wanted to see if it could be a freak accident and I don't want to spend a whole bunch of money with a mechanic... Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. Nolan256

    Stewart Update / Georke

    Yes it was a rumor I suppose.