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  1. dainton

    major help needed!!

    yes it was the tripleclamps twisted, suzuki wanted £700 for the top and bottom clamps!!! replaced them with xtrig clamps, job done
  2. dainton

    major help needed!!

    i've tried and tried and tried but i just cant get the front wheel straight in my 010 rmz 250. We've tried slackening the forks and axle and pinch bolts then bumping it over but it just wont go. when the wheel is off and the spindle put back in the forks you can see its off to the right. We've swapped the forks over so the left ones in the right and the problem stays the same, it DOES NOT reverse it. Now the left hand fork is harder to get in the yokes than the right one, and when we swap the forks over its still harder to get the left fork in the right hand side yokes. You dont have to hammer it in but its deff tighter to get in. Do you think the yokes could be twisted??? Also, what other year yokes would fit an 010??? Many thanks Daint
  3. dainton

    lower fork chroming

    the chrome is coming off my lower fork leg, is there a replacement for these or do i have to have it rechromed???? (showa forks)
  4. dainton

    little help please chaps

    spot on jdog, worked a treat:ride:
  5. dainton

    2010 ignition/stator cover

    looking to get a carbon cover but can only find 07-09, is there any difference in the 010's???
  6. dainton

    forks and clamps for a 2010??

    what other years will fit the 2010 chaps??
  7. dainton

    little help please chaps

    3 weeks ago som scum stole my 2010 rmz, GUTTED. i have just bought another and on getting it home i have come across a problem, the front wheel is badly out of line, im not sure if the fork is bent or if the lower clamp is twisted. with the bars and mudguard totaly straight (and yes the mudguard is straight) the front wheel is badly off to the right. its asif the right fork dosnt come forward enough. please look at pics and tell me what you think. i have switched the forks over to see if it reversed the problem but the wheels still goes off to the right.
  8. dainton

    2011 rmz

    nope...... i 'kin love it!
  9. dainton

    12mm drain plug?????????

    ok cool, so which ones best to drain first???
  10. dainton

    2011 rmz

    is there any difference between this and the 010's? I have an 010, sell it..... WOULD I F&(K
  11. dainton

    12mm drain plug?????????

    can someone please tell me what the 12mm plug under the engine is for please???
  12. dainton

    Draining oil (rmz 250)

    i've recently added a boysen cluth cover and had my stator cover powder coated, now when i went to drain the oil from undoing the sump plug hardly any oil came out, abould 300ml if that, am i missing something??? when i took the covers off boy did it flow!!!!
  13. dainton

    dungys excel rims....

    hmm can see gold but no yellow
  14. dainton

    how much oil from dry???

    hi guys, i've just had my engine cases powder coated so ALL the oil was drained out, how much do i need to put back in??? thanks