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  1. Yes its much healthier not having spooge,if your plug is brownish gray and black on the first three threads,you are dialed in.Your bike could probably pass an emmissions test,and no carbon footprint.
  2. It really sounds like your rings are worn out.More wear more spooge.Replace them and use HP2 or another synthetic.Clean your carb.once in a while and check your reeds.
  3. My 03 had a detonation problem with 92 octane,blending with 110 or using 110 no more detonation.Every engine makes noise,so just ride it as the Honda Engineers would say.
  4. It may be new but it is an 07 3 to 4 grand
  5. Check out Cheap Cycle Parts.com or Service Honda.com
  6. What are the holes for? I have an 03 and just installed another stock piston kit.I have 80 hours on the bike and measuring the cylinder it is still in spec. and the plating is perfect.I have always used Honda HP2 oil and 110 octane fuel and the exhaust valves are always clean.So back to the holes,it sounds like possible piston failure.
  7. I have a ProCircuit exhaust flange and it is also shaped perfect.I also have a PC works pipe with the r304 silencer and its killer in bottom and mid but the FMF SST and shorty has top end and overrev thats insane.Definitely add a tooth to the rear.
  8. Remove and clean the carb. thoroughly,your pilot jet is plugged.I have an 03 thats touchy to temp.and humidity change.It runs very good between 65 and 80 with a 410 main 32.5 pilot clip at 2nd and air screw from 1.5 to 2 out. My top end is stock with vforce3 reed assembly and an FMF SST pipe with a power core 2 shorty.I have to run 110 octane to avoid detonation.MX926 tell me about the boyesen exhaust flange.Where is it most noticable? I have been thinking about installing one.
  9. The electrical components will last a lifetime. The 03 cr like all mx bikes just need routine maintenance.
  10. GN2? hopefully you meant HP2. Very nice looking CR. Whats with that chopper thing? Are you putting that in a garage sale?
  11. rc stands for revolutionary control you can read all about it in the hrc archives