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  1. I have a 2004 drz 400s 3X3 mod and powercore 4 pipe. 2500 feet elev. I believe I need around a 150 main jet but I cannot find a kit that will supply this for a drz400s. PU and tucker rocky only have a stage 1 kit for this bike. Does anyone know of a kit that will fit a drz 400s mikuni carb that has a main jet this large? Thanks.
  2. Heavierthanmybike

    help me fix my carb

    I live at 2500 feet coming up on 90 degree weather this week
  3. Heavierthanmybike

    help me fix my carb

    I have a 2004 drz 400s with a fmf powerbomb 4 slip on and a 3X3 mod. It currently has a 136 dynojet main jet in it. When I ride the bike on and offroad it feels strong at first but as the motor winds out it runs choppy. It pulls off and on and when it is "off" I hear a skip in the sound of the pipe. (skip meaning no noise.) The carb is clean running a stock needle. Help?