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  1. rmzfreak927

    New to me 06' 450... Need Opinions

    Yeah its true, suzuki's are loud and this is common. Keep in mind though that the spring loaded mechanism that that tightens the timing chain has to be done manually only on suzuki's (idk why), so like every 6 months you have to loosen that screw up that way the spring can tighten the chain, then screw in again.
  2. rmzfreak927

    New to me 06' 450... Need Opinions

    Timing chain is probably loose, or worn out. Replace or have it checked immediately because if it breaks you will break and cause serious damage to motor. Hope this helps
  3. rmzfreak927

    New to me 06' 450... Need Opinions

    If it checks out go for it. The most important things are the engine and wheels, hub, and spokes, the rest is just icing on the cake. Are you buying professional or individual seller?
  4. rmzfreak927

    New to me 06' 450... Need Opinions

    A well maintained rmz 450 goes for about 3500-3000$. For that price all the little things like chain, sprocket, fork seals...should all be new. Also if it was raced, make sure that the engine was looked after recently that way you won't pay for it once you buy.
  5. rmzfreak927

    New to me 06' 450... Need Opinions

    Well it depends on your budget. I have an 06 rmz 450 an it runs great...because I maintain it. I would first break down the motor that way you can see what condition your parts are in and what needs to be done. Engine care can cost anywhere from 300$ to 850$. You chose a great bike, but if you ignore maintenance, you will Pay for it. For the chain, I run a regina x ring with a torus chain sprocket kit which last a long time (manufactures have sizing charts on the website for makes and the year. Don't worry about stock tire demensions as they are fine and were designed for the bike. Get a good quality tire(michelin, dunlop) soft/hard depending on the terrain you ride in. Most importantly constantly check your spokes! Excels cost a lot so you don't want to break em. Exaust, again depends on your budget but isn't entirely necessary unless you have to abide by strict sound requirements. Good exaust Akrapovic, fmf...anyways hope this helps a little and have fun with your bike
  6. rmzfreak927

    KX 450F Who makes the rims??

    Ok great, the reason I asked was because I'm buying 2 brand new rims circles black for 200$ but never ran them since I previously had stock excels before the rear recently broke. I figure that they must be a great quality rim since they are well known and used by most pros. If you guys have any comments about DID rims, let me know before I transfer the payment, thanks
  7. rmzfreak927

    KX 450F Who makes the rims??

    Does anybody know the maker of the rims? Are they good quality? thanks