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  1. nin9r

    Tear down with pictures

    Even with those vertical wear marks on the cylinder?
  2. nin9r

    Tear down with pictures

    My babys left intake zeroed not too long ago so I finally tore it down for the first time since I bought it 3 years ago. I trail ride as much as possible but I'm not regular, I'll right once a week to once in 2 months depending on how busy I am. I bought it used so I think I've done pretty well. The combustion chamber was filthy, I must have developed some leaky valve seals. the piston skirts show some wear and the cylinder still has a good amount of cross hatching but there are some visible defects. I think I'm going to replace the piston and hopefully the cylinder will only need honing but I'm not sure. I think I'm going to go stainless on the intakes though. What are your opinions on replacing the crank? I REALLY do not want to get into splitting cases if I can help it. I don't race and I can count on one had the number of times I've hit the rev limiter so I'm leaning towards no. Thanks! I've never seen black deposits behind the skirt before
  3. Yep I followed the manual. I believe they are kibblewhite valves and seals
  4. Damn.. Well I don't have the equipment to do a leakdown or mic everything, so I guess the best I can do is check ring end gaps and call the builder.
  5. That's good to know! I am going to check the float though It's a fresh Uni, I keep it clean So I rode behind my dad who was on the bike today and it's definitely burning oil, blue smoke this time. Do These engines just burn oil until they break in or is it screwed? This is really starting to worry me
  6. nin9r

    chads gitoff..

    Here's a clearer one
  7. nin9r

    Where to ride, Ithaca NY & Potstown PA

    That looks so sweettt.. I'll see if I can sync the trip so I can hit that next year
  8. nin9r

    Where to ride, Ithaca NY & Potstown PA

    Yeah no way in hell am I paying that for one ride! That's unfortunate
  9. I'd be very cautious about using easy off or lye. It will eat any sort of finish.
  10. nin9r

    Motocross On Speed..

    OMGUH THAT WAS SWEET!! I can't believe he walked away from that and moved up 25 places on top of it. I'm not a fan of his but damn!
  11. nin9r

    John Penton GNCC

    Sickkk.. Anyone know the name of the song?
  12. nin9r

    Fork oil weights?

    Odd.. I use to race Nitro Rc buggies and the suspension was tuned with different weight oils, but even they were SAE rated
  13. Thanks, will take a look at it later today. Filter is a recently cleaned Uni, choke is fine, just rebuilt the carb, but I think the problem may be with the float, good suggestion. I remember there were a few times where the carb would overflow for no apparent reason. When I rebuilt the carb last week the float components looked fine but I never actually checked the level
  14. I swear I have to adjust my non-o ring chain after every other ride. It's the most irritating thing