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  1. WolfTroutCobra

    Need help finding Fork Guards

    I know what you're talking about and would also like to know. I've seen them on a few bikes on here but not sure what they are. They look like neoprene sleeves that replace the accordion (stock boots). I bet if you searched for something like "XR650 supermoto" or something like that you'll see a few bikes that have them.
  2. WolfTroutCobra

    Which supermoto? 6'5" 220lbs, experienced rider

    Oh yeah, I was more talking used. I just don't see a whole lot of them for sale around here (Portland).
  3. WolfTroutCobra

    Which supermoto? 6'5" 220lbs, experienced rider

    Nice bike. They seem like they're hard to come by up here though.
  4. I recently bought a DRZ400SM and am just not impressed with it. Having just come from a CBR600 I realized that I was not going to get the same performance out of this bike, but I was ready for a city bike. Problem is, for my height and weight this DRZ is just not the right answer. I thought I'd have fun after I got a full exhaust and had the suspension tuned, but that'll be a grand later and I'll still be making this 400 huff and puff to get me to smile. I love the reliability of this bike and how easy it is to work on, and will be riding as often as the pacific northwest weather allows (which means cold and wet). I'm looking for a bike that's got impressive suspension (because of my weight), quick on the throttle (though top speed isn't my concern), and can commute 100 miles a week in the summer. I probably will never take this bike off-road so that's not an issue. I'm not super mechanical, but would like a bike that's somewhat user-friendly to work on. Not looking for a cooshy ride either, I'm after something that's fairly aggressively setup. I've been considering the Husqvarna's and KTM's mostly for their engine size and quality of components, but have read mixed reviews on both (typical of any bike). All advice at this point is good advice.
  5. WolfTroutCobra

    Best service/maintenance shop

    Perfect, thanks! I don't work too far from there so I'll stop in tomorrow and see their shop. I'm also hoping that some people will chyme in that know their shiz and are willing to spend a few hours wrenching in a garage. I know how stuff works but I need to build my confidence before diving in myself.
  6. WolfTroutCobra

    Best service/maintenance shop

    Do you have any personal experience with them?
  7. WolfTroutCobra

    Oregon Best service/maintenance shop

    What's up TT members? It's been a while since I've had a thumper, but I recently just sold my 07 CBR600rr and bought an 08 DRZ400sm. I used to have a DR650 so I figured it was time to get back on the thumper train. I'm looking to have a few mods done to my bike and would like to do them myself, but just in case I don't find the time I'd like to know where you think the best service shop in town (Portland) is. I prefer shops that have a good knowledge of the 400sm. I'm happy to go as far as Vancouver for the right shop. I had my CBR at EDR before and they were great, but I haven't really asked around so I'm looking to you guys for your opinion. And actually, if you personally know how to do engine and suspension work, I'd love to bring over a 12 pack and learn how to do the work myself and pay you for your help (I'm not a murderer... I know, that's what they all say...). sorry if TL;DR. Thanks in advance for your feedback.