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  1. yeaa buddy thats wat im talkin bout
  2. thank you everyone
  3. u have fun with that
  4. u have fun with that
  5. Thank you everyone i will try all these tecneques and really i dont need the sarcastic responces.
  6. great bike but for 27??? and its wat like 5 years old??? pass it up if u cant talk it down to 21 or 20
  7. So in Ct we have recieved a very large amount of snow over the past 4 or 5 months, and now it is slowly melting and there is about 5 inches left. I took my bike out of the shed and started it up, everything was going great until i hit the snow thinking that the dirt bike would have great traction. I was wrong. Now keep in mind I have been on quads my whole life so i didn't know what to expect. Does any one have some tips for me on how to ride in the snow?