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  1. Yes the bike did sit for a while with gas in the carb with no stabilizer in the gas, on accident tho lol. And yes jetting is stock but i will try The setup you have and see how it goes thanks
  2. Yeah i cleaned the jets, didnt help at all. And go with a 45 pilot?
  3. Hey everyone, Ive got a 2007 crf150r and my cam spun so i replaced it with a hot cam stage 2. Ive got the valve clearance in spec and evrything is good. Now my problem is, it is kinda hard to start( which i understand is normal). But more importantly the thing will not stay running unless im on the gas or the choke is on. Ive already tried the idle but that doesnt help any. It also pops when i rev it when the rpms are coming back down and pops on decel. Now ive read some about the pilot jet going to a 45 i believe. Would this fix my problems. Any advice Is great appreciated! Thanks, Brandon