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  1. mojo racing

    cleaning fmf megabomb

    My kid melted a couple pairs of riding pants on her megabomb header. Anyone have a good way of removing burnt on stuff from these things without destroying the finish?
  2. mojo racing

    Honda HP4S

    Just an update. We ran the full synthetic honda oil all season and ran that bike extremely hard. I probably went longer on the oil changes than I should have an everything has held up flawlessly. Valve clearance is fine, havnt checked since about 10 hours but the bike starts perfectly and quickly. Clutch hits hard and unlike our two strokes where we go through 3 or 4 a season, We are still on our original clutch and by the feel of it it might last another season. I couldnt be happier and in my mind worth every penny.
  3. mojo racing

    kx 85 problems?

    any of the green stuff will work
  4. mojo racing

    supermini mx motors

    Call James Saylor at JMS mods. Best motors with best horsepower and reliable as hell. Do his 112 on the kawi. If you want to go 103 and spend less money, have eric gore do it but our 112s smoke the 103s. Either way the top end rebuild parts are stock so they are readily available. The JMS proprietary head uses O rings instead of a gasket but are still easy to find. The stroker crank on the 103 can be had in a couple days. The JMS crank is another story but he usually has them on hand. The JMS is bad a..! Everything is micropolished, billet head and custom curved ignition box all included. Like sappers said, not cheap but in my opinion worth every penny.
  5. mojo racing

    CRF150R makes into the 85cc class for Lorettas

    In my opinion there isnt a stock 85 that can hang with the honda 150r. The announcement says it can run in either stock or mod class but I seem to remember seeing it was only legal for stock class.
  6. mojo racing

    CRF150rb Cockpit comfort

    What have you guys found in the way of triple clamps or a riser system to raise the bars? Who makes the best and what would you recommend/
  7. mojo racing

    CRF150rb Cockpit comfort

    Does anyone make lower pegs that are bolt on? Something that does not need to be welded and does not necessarily move them back.
  8. mojo racing

    Any fixes for handling?

    Is it actual headshake your experiencing or just a whole bunch of twitching and a very unsettled feeling?
  9. mojo racing

    new to the forum and bikes

    Wecome to the forum! Looks like you got a great looking bike there. Read everything you can on here and you will learn a whole bunch from a whole bunch of great people with a whole bunch of great information. You wont be sorry with your purchase. they are great bikes and you just might find yourself keeping it a whole lot longer than you expected! Welcome!
  10. mojo racing

    Anyone ride the new 2012 CRF150R Expert

    I have found that my best option is to trade our race bikes every year. At least with our two strokes. im debating what to do with the four stroke as this ws our first year on it. I had for years (since 50's) completely went through the bikes before the start of the next season. By time your done with new plastic, graphics, tires, cables, clutch, top end, cylinder replate, maybe bottom end, grips ect. It was cheaper to trade. Granted I probably do more than most but after a full season it usually needs all of it. If not just for releability for the next season but there is also a lot to be said for a bike feeling new and not loosey goosey or rough so to speak. Things like wheel bearings and suspension just plain do not work like a new one does when you subject a machine to the constant pounding of racing. I usually work out a deal where i can swap expensive suspension mods, levers and bars if everything is still in good shape. The dealer is happy to have brand new bars, levers ect on the trade they are receiving. If your just trail riding then trading every year is probably not needed but i always managed to trade our 85s and 100s for anywhere from 900 to 1200 bucks. The time saved alone and that new bike feel is worth it not to mention the parts alone are more than the trade up. I will say our 150 has been bullet proof and cosmetically has held up much better than our kaws. Still on original clutch where on the supermini I would be on at least our third by the end of the season. I had a HC piston put in before we picked it up and ran it all season without a hickup versus my usual 3 pistons and 6 sets of rings on the 2 smoke. Valves have held up fine and are still in spec. I use the honda full synthetic exclusively in both engine and clutch side. The only things I replaced all year were brake pads, tires, tubes and fenders due to some cracks. The only real problem i have had is that I have a hard time keeping the front tire from spinning on the rim and tearing out the valve. I assume a different rim lock will solve this. Let me tell you, I could not be happier. It far exceeded my wildest dreams for reliability and build quality. We will get a couple new ones this year but there wont be a trade in, Dad gets a great used play bike! If your affraid of everyone telling you how expensive it is to keep a four stroke up and running compared to a two stroke doesnt know what they're talking about. Even if it blew up tomorrow the money I have saved over the year in top ends and clutches would break me even with the two stroke. Keep in mind, its not necessarily a more dificult rebuild, just different. Sorry for the long post but I just cant say enough about these bikes. Did I mention it holeshots every supermini on the line here locally? It also holeshots my sons very exotic and very expensive kaw supermini
  11. mojo racing

    All Balls bearing company lied...

    Amy wife placed are parents order for me a while back and I ended up with the all balls crap. Same thing, one of the bearing sounded and felt like a well used bearing. I will never buy them again. Look for a local bearing shop. My local bearing guys are awesome! Try can order any brand and you can definitely upgrade quality. Great thing is they are usually about half the price and usually have them in stock or worse case scenario I have them the next day.
  12. mojo racing

    KX 65 clutch problem

    When these bikes are not running it is hard to push the bike while in gear even with the clutch lever pulled in and there will be a bunch of drag. That is normal but if you pull the clutch in and shift into gear with it running and it lugs the motor then you have a problem. First make sure you do not have too much free play at the lever. Too much and it won't allow for enough movement to completely disengage the clutch. If this still does not fix the problem, take the clutch cover off and and carefully use a screwdriver to loosen any stuck plates. If I were ou I would take it completely apart and check the plates and basket for wear. If the basket is heavily grooved, the plates will hang up on it and cause it not to disengage and can also cause the clutch not to engage smoothly.
  13. mojo racing

    Lacing Wheels?

    If your just replacing rims and going to reuse all the other components, then use small zip ties where the spokes cross to hold them in place. Use a cordless drill to run the nipples out and remove the hub and spokes as one unit. Put the whole assembly in the new rim and run the nipples on with roughly the same amount of threads showinga at the top of each nipple. This Will get you pretty close on the radial trueing. Once you have the wheel round you can move on to the axial trueing. Believe it or not ou can mount the wheel in the forks and true it without a stand. Spin the wheel and use a yellow grease pencil which you hold against the fork. The pencil will mark the high spots and you can adjust from there. Short version anyway. If your new to it and are going to replace spokes as well, easiest and quickest after taking some good pics for reference is to cut the old spokes with a small bolt cutter to save time especially if the nipples aree corroded . Just dive in. It's not that hard.
  14. mojo racing

    250 finally bites the dust

    I havent been on this sight for a while and come back on and BANG! You have to be kidding me! Meticulous? Yet the linkage is loose and fork seals are leaking?! The track only has one "REALLY HUGE TRIPLE"! Even if he's only does the double, if that engine locks the bike is nose diving and seriously injuring or KILLING YOUR KID! There is only one idiot here and to think people are taking advise from this guy. I know if I hear a bottom end noise the bike is most likely not going to live through one complete race with one of my kids riding it. Then to state that you know exactly what part is going to fail? You dont have a clue and frankly your practices could end up being the subject of a newspaper article that the general public reads and then puts our sport once again in a bad light. Do us all a favor and dont pass your wisdom onto any unsuspecting beginners. Your posts on this thread are nothing short of ridiculous.
  15. mojo racing

    kx100 power valve mod?

    The pro circuit powervalve requires the use of the softer spring while james' valve (jms) utilizes the stock spring. James has done dyno runs with both and his does outperform the pc valve.