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  1. bryce438

    I 57 MX Park

    yeah man, theyre closed down for good. bummer. that place was fun
  2. bryce438

    Stained white alpine stars

    i pressure wash my boots with simple green after every ride when i do my bike, and i also cake em in wd40, helps keep mud from sticking. i do the same for my bike
  3. bryce438

    04 to 08 interchangeable parts

    does anyone know if an 08 piston and cylinder will fit on an 04 crf 250r? thanks
  4. bryce438

    cr 125 bottom end power

    i just read the seizing a 2 stroke thread. def gonna repack it and play with the jetting. i think that should help a ton. thanks again guys
  5. bryce438

    cr 125 bottom end power

    idk the guy just said it has an oversized sprocket on it and it has a 52...i just assumed stock was 48 but i didnt look it up. mines an 01 by the way
  6. bryce438

    cr 125 bottom end power

    Hey guys, I've never rode a 125 2t before, but I have my yz250 2t for ramps. I decided I needed a track bike so I went and looked at a cr125 and ended up bringing it home for a great price . So I've been riding it and it has a 52 tooth sprocket on it so I think I'm gonna go back to stock gearing but wil that help me that much or do I need to do something else to give it more bottom end? I'm gonna repack it and and stuff, but I just feel like it should have a little more. It could just be that I'm used to a 250 2t. Thanks for the input -bryce
  7. bryce438

    Need your help to win contest.

    ok i voted, now return the favor and pm me her digits! haha for real tho
  8. bryce438

    best quad video ever..lol (fight)

    they look like retarted ninja turtles
  9. bryce438

    tie dye riding gear

    well not exactly tie dye, but close http://www.axo.com/us/collection/dirt/jerseys/frequency-jersey
  10. bryce438

    tie dye riding gear

    there is tie dye gear already i think axo makes it but i cant remember. ill see if i can find it
  11. i would get an associates degree at a community college first in something general like business, and then go to one of those schools
  12. bryce438

    How did your "first ride" turn out?

    2002 kx85 when I was 10. Me and my mom built about a 3ft jump in the yard with no landing. She said I hifted 4 times and fleww off and knocked the wind out of myself for a bit...then I toned it down for the rest of the day
  13. bryce438

    Race with Heart condition?

    theres a ton of people on here trying to talk you out of it, but if you really want to do it, do it. riding a dirtbike is the greatest feeling on earth and its YOUR life, do what you want to with it. theres a freestyle rider named jack krauss who was born with a leaking heart valve. hes had some surgeries and still rides like its no problem. having said all that i would take it extremely easy and just ride for FUN AT YOUR OWN PACE and dont get caught up in trying to be the best like every bro at your local track. waaayyyy to many people in this sport are only in it for the "image" they think it gives them. remember to ride for yourself and have fun with it. take it easy and youll have the time of your life. sorry to rant but there was just too much negative feedback on here for this being a dirtbike site. i dont think anyone should ever be talked out of wanting to ride just as long as its done safely. people are gonna mouth for this post but so be it. have fun, be safe (extra precautious) and always ride with your parents in sight
  14. bryce438

    GenerationMX Suspension work in IL

    dont risk it. go to 4pr suspension in rockford il
  15. bryce438

    Supercross this weekend

    ill be there!