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    Cold blooded

    I also have a 08 110 for my son. I did the pilot jet as TT-AAR stated and that did help with the cold running problem. TT-AAR have you drilled the cap for the air adjustment? I want to drill it but I am not sure if its the totally flat one on the intake part of the carb or if its the one that is higher up with a plastic ring around the brass portion of the plug. Any help would be appreciated. Bob.
  2. I have seen on this site that the carb has a cover over the air/fuel screw on these bikes. I changed the pilot jet to a 15 (stock was 12.5) and was told to drill the cap off and make a slight adj. to the air screw. Is it the flat cap which in near the round intake on the carb or the one that is closer to the idle screw which look like a cap with a plastic ring around the brass section of this cover? I want to make sure I drill the right one. The larger pilot jet helped the sons bike run better but it still is looking for more fuel. Thanks.
  3. RobertE

    Question on Yamaha's

    Thanks for the reply's, I wish I would have discovered this site a few years back.
  4. RobertE

    Question on Yamaha's

    I am a newbie here so take it easy on me. I just sold my sons TTR-50 (cold blooded) and I would like to get him a TTR110. Checked a 09 out and it had the cold blooded problems I am seeing that are a regular problem with the Yamaha bikes. The kid rode it with the choke on most of the time except warm days he said it did not need it. My question is if this is such a common problem why would Yamaha not correct it with the proper jetting from the factory. I am beginning to think maybe I should try another brand but had Yamaha two strokes growing up and would like to stay with Yami. I know we all like to tinker but it seems to really be a common problem or do they all have similar issues on other brands. The old 70 and 80's two strokes I rode seemed to never need any tuning. I currenly have a 83 XT 250 and it starts and runs good all the time. Thanks.