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  1. bimotasb6r

    Suzuki DR-Z400E (2007)


    My first ride and so far a lot of fun
  2. bimotasb6r

    Suzuki DR-Z400E 2007

    My first ride and so far a lot of fun
  3. bimotasb6r

    2002 DRZ400E Vs. 2006 CRF250X

    OK, One Honda was sold and the other the person won't reply to my emails and I don't have a number. I dicided to go with the newer DRZ. It fit me well since I'm a bigger rider and I got it for less than asking. Will post pics later. Thanks for all the input!!!
  4. bimotasb6r

    2002 DRZ400E Vs. 2006 CRF250X

    OK, at it again. everyone advice has been great!!! Unfortunately the bikes I have been considering have all sold fast!! So here is where I'm at... I found the following bikes: 2007 DRZ400E - $2750 2006 WR450 - $3000 2005 CRF250X - $3100 2004 CRF250X - $2500 (might be sold) 2001 DRZ400E - $2200 2001 DRZ400E - $1850 All of the bikes are still available. my quandary is should I buy an older/cheaper bike (they appear to be in very good condition and will be my first dirt bike) and ride it for awhile then upgrade later? Or buy the newer bike (the 06/07), suffer through the hit on my wallet and own it for longer? Have all the owners of these bikes looking for a call tomorrow to set up time to see. Throw me an opinion ASAP please. I know ultimately whatever bike I get I will make it unique to me and have a load of fun on it.
  5. bimotasb6r

    Need a bike

    Finally bought a bike...
  6. bimotasb6r

    2002 DRZ400E Vs. 2006 CRF250X

    Both bikes were sold! And the DRZ guy was going to hold onto it until I got to see it (Bastard - hope he got a good price for it) Oh well onto other bikes...
  7. bimotasb6r

    2002 DRZ400E Vs. 2006 CRF250X

    Ahh.. now that's good info. Unfortunately the 06 X was sold by time I called the guy back, but just found an 04 closer and so far still available. calling him in AM. also have a line on a couple of 02 DRZ. figure if can't find an affordable Honda then the suzuki is not a bad option. have also looked into some KLX300R's as I've heard thats another decent one to look at.
  8. bimotasb6r

    2002 DRZ400E Vs. 2006 CRF250X

    Isn't the 250X similar to your wr250 (Yamaha's trail version of the YZF)?
  9. bimotasb6r

    2002 DRZ400E Vs. 2006 CRF250X

    But this is the CRF-X which is the trail version of the race bike. Isn't it?
  10. bimotasb6r

    2002 DRZ400E Vs. 2006 CRF250X

    Was planning strictly dirt riding, I have a GSX-R750 for the street. Thanks for the quick feedback. Now I just need to see how much of a deal I can get on the Honda.
  11. Need help ASAP. sold my old street bike which gave me some more cash to buy a dirt bike. Found a nice clean 2002 DRZ-400E for $2k which was first choice, then found an ad for a 2006 CRF250X for $2.5K. Have ridden a DRZ before and it was nice, but have always like Hondas. Not sure which would be better. This will be first dirt bike for a 40+ 5-11, 220lb experienced road but novice/beginner dirt rider. Please help with any suggestions/recommendations as both bikes may be gone soon and i'd like to get one of them.
  12. bimotasb6r

    Looking at two different 4-strokes

    Thanks, was leaning towards the DRZ... Post pics once it's home:)
  13. Looking to pick up my first off-road bike. Have been riding street bikes for years, but want to try the dirt. Took a MSF dirt class and road a nice DR-Z400. Now looking at a 2002 DR-Z, but just found a nice WR250F. The DR-Z is about $400 or more less, but the WR is newer. I'm 5-11, 220 so not a small rider and not sure if the 250 will be enough power in long run. Looking for any and all suggestion either way. Thanks, G
  14. bimotasb6r

    CA Bikes: Red Sticker to Green?

    That sucks.. well good to know before buying. Thanks for the info!!!
  15. bimotasb6r

    CA Bikes: Red Sticker to Green?

    I'm looking to buy a used 2003 KLX400. The bike is currently red sticker (odd for a 4-stroke). Can it be reg'd with a green sticker if it's currently red? The bike appears to be bone stock. Could use help ASAP as bike may be gone soon. THANKS!!