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  1. Ok cool. I guess my question is, if I just pull up unnanounced, I wont get chased down the driveway by a guy with a shotgun in pajamas??? Will there be someone by that barn I could talk to? Thanks!! Just picked up a new Raptor 660R so im itchin to take it out!
  2. So are you referring to the large barn on the west side of the road just south of the arabian horses sign? I drove past it yesterday but there were no tresspassing signs and I wasnt sure if it was the right place...
  3. Great thanks. So there is no email or phone number? I guess I'll drive by and see if I can talk to someone first...
  4. Im going to wake this post back up! Have any of you ridden at this quad squad place? I'm hoping someone can provide me some contact information. I live very close. If not where do you guys ride near the crown point / merrillville / hobart area??