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  1. This Rotax looks good - so does the rest of the bike!!
  2. billbro

    Cracked stator cover

    Yeah, i think its just somethingg i have to live with. Broke two covers within 6 months of each other. The '04 had the break pedal punch thru the clutch cover, guess the rock just missed my works connection engine guards. Was able to ride back to the truck w/out losing too much oil. Used cover from ebay ($35) solved that. Next time was on my "new" '06, this time the rock hit the engine guard head on. Bad news was it shoved the "guard" into the stator cover and punched out a quarter sized hole in it. No riding back to the truck that time. Again, ebay to the rescue with a used replacement. I have probably broke/cracked 7-8 covers over the years (40+) and just figure its something we all have to deal with from time to time.
  3. billbro

    Riding Spot

    Yeah, the concrete bunkers, the trenches and barbed wire from the war re-enactment people, the abandonded hot springs, some interesting shit out there................... Oh yea, some really good riding out there too.
  4. With what's been said, what would lead you to believe they are a "reputable" company?? I mean really, over 4 months to process an order and they won't even answer an email? Yeah, sounds legit to me.
  5. billbro

    Torn ACL, need help please read!

    Evan- i ruptured the ACL in my right knee (it's completely gone) about 5 years ago, since i'm self employed and could not afford the time off work, i decided not to have the replacement surgery and just had the doctor clean up the meniscus tear. I still ride hard, i'm just a little more careful now where i plant my foot. Then about 3 years ago i tore the left knee ACL. Thankfully it was just torn, so back to the doctor to have it cleaned up and back riding. It was explained to me that once it's ruptured (gone) you can't hurt it anymore. It does bother me once in a while while riding or at work, but not too bad. If i was younger i would have had it replaced, but i'm not a spring chicken anymore. By the way, i'm a roofing contractor and am up on roofs working everyday. It HAS slowed me down a bit, but, i can still do most everything i could before.
  6. billbro

    Gear quality these days

    I would just like some gloves that will actually protect my hands, instead of being just a fasion statement.
  7. billbro

    Other sports

    WOW, this guy gets my vote for "Most Hardcore Surfer Award"! Brrrrrrrrrrrr!
  8. billbro

    Numb hands?

    Yea, me too. Not as much anymore, but it does happen. Since i've started riding 4 strokes it seems to happen much less. With me it usually starts w/ my little fingers and slowly my whole hand (either one) will become totally numb, like they fell alseep. When i feel it comming on i will either regrip or shake the hell out of them to regain feeling. It has been a problem for me for 40+ years of riding and i have no idea what is causing it. It does happen to me on my bicycle occasionally too, but like i said switching to a 4 stroke has helped alot, i think its a vibration thing?? If you figure it out let me know, 'cause it bugs the hell out of me!!
  9. This can happen, to some degree, even with a new chain and sprockets. You should adjust the chain slack so the tightest portion is within specs .
  10. billbro

    List of Street Legal Vintage dirtbikes?

    Just picked up the grandad of all dirt bikes............ A Honda CT90 (Trail 90). they made them for years, (1965 - 1980 ?) there are a million of them out there!!
  11. billbro

    Handlebars Hard to Turn

    one or the other.
  12. billbro

    hour meter always on?

    All the one's I have had will always show the hours/tenths on the screen. They usually last a couple of years, and the batteries are not replaceable - you just buy another one.
  13. billbro


    Just get the Camekbak "Hanger", It's made of plastic and you can hang it open with the lid off so it can dry out completely unyil you use again.