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  1. the kx 100 could ride circles around the 150f. the kx is your best bet. when you sign up for a race thats iffy for 100cc and you arent racing supermini just say its a big wheel 8. chances are they wont know the difference.
  2. check out the ktm 105. they are great bikes.
  3. oh haha yeah. i hear nothing but great things out of the suzuki, but the same with the kawi.
  4. mb1 does wonders with kawi suspension. give them a look. if thats what your talking about.
  5. the suzuki is unchanged besides the exaust and the graphics for 2011 from 2010. this is such a hard decision.
  6. thats sick. i'm looking into one myself. have you rode a rmz 250? thats the only thing standing in my way.
  7. thanks for the input! any race experiance with the kawis or suzukis? i'm buying a bike this week and still cant put my finger on one.
  8. what about strong side/weak side of the kxf? its still an option.
  9. i would look into them but i only have dealers of the big 5 out here. thanks for the input though.
  10. I did look at kawis but the dealer already has a team and that team is STACKED. so they didnt give me that good of deal. 6,300 for a 2011 kawi. it isnt bad, but suzuki and ktm are offering better prices. its on the back of my mind though if these other dealers fall through.
  11. yeah they do. but usra doesnt. it looks like you can race a 250 2 stroke in schoolboy too in both rmxa and srac. can you verify that? i might be interested in the 250 two stroke too if thats the case.
  12. Alright guys I talked to the suzuki dealer again and they are willing to cut the price down even more for an rmz. the rmz and the sx 150 are now the same price. to get the sxf it will be like 1700 more. so now im stuck again. whats the better bike? maintenance, speed, fun, wise. i wont just race the bike either i'll go trail riding and even jump some freeride stuff in the desert. so anybody have any suggestions?
  13. oh sick. i get ya. but my ktm was much much much much more reliable than my yamaha. my 08 250f was a nightmaaaaare.
  14. oh shoot i thought you just raced...definitely get the yami. they are pretty even in the trails. sxf is better up hills but not by a whole lot. and the yami is waayyyyyy more reliable then most 250fs thats what i actually quoted. and in my experiance with yamahas they arent that reliable. the ktm i had alot better of an experiance with.
  15. not with there new linkage. I had mb1 do mine and it squats alot better in turns and it stays planted through the rough. i also forgot to add it didnt cost all that much. and if your going to race your going to get the suspension done anyway. it was about 400 total for a revalve.