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  1. My son is riding a "new to him" CRF50 with the stock tires on it. He just finished his first weekend on the bike. Everything was good until we hit the muddy stuff. The stockers sucked for him. Looking at the Starcross. Looks like a great rear tire but wondered if anyone has any trouble running these tires on the front. Was actually thinking of running a Dunlop MX51 on the the front but the difference in tire height is quite a bit. The Starcross are a much taller tire. The taller tire would certainly help him navigate the rougher terrain but I'm still concerned the tread is to big to be a good front tire. Also...side by side I noticed the Starcross 2.50 tire is taller than the 2.75 tire...any issue with fender clearance when running the 2.50 on the front? Any thoughts? Thanks for the help. Toby