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  1. Motafire523

    Cdi unit for 1999 rm 125

    Paid 200 bucks years ago for an old bike I had, it turned out to be the stator coil that was messed up so I ended up with this extra cdi... I paid 200 dollars was looking to get 100 dollars for it. Email with any questions???? This pArt is for a 1991 rm I appologize for the headline it is a typo...
  2. Motafire523

    Installing a new ignition switch on my 1998DR650

    Yeah it took me a while to find one but I found one one Ebay for 1 on ebay brand new for 130 bucks under dr650 locks set, thanks though...
  3. Motafire523

    Installing a new ignition switch on my 1998DR650

    Thank you very much was hoping to save a few bucks but going the cheap way always ends up costing more.. Thanks appreciate it
  4. So I just bought a 1998 DR 650 to use to commute to work it needs really only cosmetic work I think anyways to make a long story short, some scum bag tried stealing it and couldnt finish the job but did a number on my ignition switch... I bought a new Switch with keys but its a universal one and has four wires, my stock one had six wires can I Still use this Switch????? The four Wire colors on the new switch are, Black Red {On} Black with White Tracer Green {Off} Can anyone help me connecting this new switch???