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  1. Hey guys, so I had a leak for my cams on the cylinder head, those darn things are tough to seal properly. Anyway I took off my cylinder head cap so I could re-seal it and the small cam chain guide fell off and almost into the engine, when Pulling the cap off. I was wondering how this guide is attached to the cylinder cap? Is it just a snug fit? Pressing it back onto the cover it comes off pretty easily though it will hold its self upside down I wanted to ask since I just got done with a rebuild not long ago and I seriously don't want this thing dropping into the cams while the bike is running, though I'm not sure if there is constant pressure from the chain to this guide that would hold it in place? Any input would be much appreciated! Is there a special glue that secures this in place or do I just need a new one?
  2. Spartan426

    2001 Yamaha YZ426F project

    Great thread and nice build! I always love seeing another 426 being rebuilt. I've rebuilt mine twice and ironically bought mine from a buddy for $400 too with a blown top end lol. The first rebuild was minimal and to get it running again and out of boxes, the second was a few years later when I had the means to really tear it down and go trough her. Go for the boyesen super water pump kit, made a huge difference in keeping my yz cool, also I picked up those over sized radiators from eBay and have no issue, they really big and have been running great (blue radiator lines are nice too) I recommend getting a 2007 - 2009 carburetor for the bike since you can rebuild the middle body as well as lower end. Made a WORLD of difference ditching my 02 carb. Hot cams is another great mod! Keep wrenching away man can't wait to see what you do next.
  3. Spartan426

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    KM sounds great I've never been but I've heard some stories from friends that have gone. However I can't do that weekend, flying out to KY to visit family.
  4. Spartan426

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    That's not far at all, just a couple streets when where I work. *sigh* unfortunately life is getting in the way and something's come up that I need to get done this weekend I won't be able to make it tomorrow. I'm bummed, always wanted to ride that forest!! Any chance you guys would make another trip out next weekend? I'll be free Saturday for sure and maybe Sunday. Sorry for the last minute cop out
  5. Spartan426

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    So from what I gather tomorrow's trip is to LPNF right above Gorman starting at 8am at the trail head of gold hill rd. So we need to "be" there by then? Schmo, caravanning would be nice since I've never been to LPNF I have been to HV countless times. I've always wanted to get up into Frazier from the trails in HV but they have been closed for awhile now... It all sounds good to me. Though I have to say I'm not a fan of cliff exposure either... Just finished a rebuild on the bike not to long ago and I don't care to drop it or me over the side lol. What time and where should we meet up Schmo?
  6. Spartan426

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Hi all! I'm a long time memeber of TT however I haven't logged on in quiet some time. What brings me back is that im dieing to hit the trails and haven't since the beginning of April. My friends I normally ride with haven't been able to go out all summer and the Fall semester is fast approaching and I REALLY want to get some saddle time in on the 426 before school starts. I'm in Canoga Park area and am a solid intermediate rider, atleast I think so lol. I was hoping I could tag along and get to know some new people that ride and have a good time. Is there anything going on for this coming weekend I could possibly come out for? Cheers.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm having a confusing time trying to install my new clutch kit (first time installing a new kit) I picked up a Tusk kit because of the decent reviews and low price point, I've heard the stories about them being junk as well but for the cost and seeing more positive then negitive I wanted to give them a shot. Anyway the install instructions are very vauge, I'd like to know what needs to be installed. As it is right now I have the stock 2002 YZ426 clutch with the eight matching friction plates, and a 9th friction being a larger diamter, seven steel clutch disks and an 8th being the matte finish, also the cushion spring and a seat plate. whats confusing me is the clutch packageing says, "before installing the tusk clutch kit be sure to remove all of your stock friction plates, drive plates, and any spacers or clutch boss springs (if applicable) your tusk clutc kit will be replacing your entire stock clutch stack." thats pretty clear, whats throwing me off is that it says that but still incudes a special friction plate that has the larger diameter, as for the steel clutch plates they all look exactly the same.... So do i still need the cushion spring/seat plate anymore? and does it not matter if there is no special clutch disk anymore? any imput would be much apprechiated. Thank you!
  8. Spartan426

    02 YZ426 Rebuild carb or swap to new-er year?

    Sorry to revive an old thread, I wanted to clarify since I'm now going this direction after admitting defeat to rebuilding the 02 carb like I wanted. (No middle body gasket set exsists, they are only for the years of 03 - 09) I'm just a little confused as to which boot your referring to, does the 08 boot stretch to fit. or do the stock 426 boots stretch to fit the 08 carb? This question may need to be put in the jetting threads but I'd just like to be pointed to the right direction. Since this is an 08 carb in a 02 bike Should I start it off with stock jetting numbers for the 426 or stock jetting for the 08 450? I'm guessing I will need to rejet to get it more spot on as well since I've added intake and exhaust Hot Cams during this rebuild. Thank you for the responses!
  9. Spartan426

    Ressurection YZ426F

    WOW that thing is SICK! I'm totally jealious!! I had a Pro circuit timing cover painted it so it looked fresh but sadly took a rough bail and the shift lever punched a hole in the cover to the point were the metal was grinding on the flywheel. congrats on that steal!
  10. Spartan426

    Ressurection YZ426F

    That's some big air, great pics. Feels awesome to ride something you built your self huh? Can't wait to be able to do that again.
  11. Spartan426

    Ressurection YZ426F

    NICE!!!! I've havnt been on here in the last month or so I've been so busy with school/work and my bike build. really happy to come back and see how far your 426 has come it looks awesome man! cant wait till you get a ride report in! My build is 95% done I'm so excited to post pictures but I'd like to wait till its finished. My clutch basket and hardware came in, just gotta assemble the new clutch, install the new radiators and figure out what I'm doing about my carburetor. I can't seem to find a middle bodyt kit for it, I thought i had one but it turns out it's for a 03 - 09. I may buy a 2008 carb, rebuild it and stick it in there. anways, again NICE job man!.
  12. Spartan426

    Ressurection YZ426F

    Oh ok, I've looked up colorrite before and they look great but I didn't wanna spend that kind of$ in paint cause I didn't know how many cans it would take, I'm curious how many cans it took to cover the frame if you don't mind me asking, also did you get the primer/clear? The rads look good too btw. I like the blue hoses. A buddy of mine fell and hit a rock with his 95 rm250, we bought the same GPI rads for his bike and they have held up quiet well the last few months.
  13. Spartan426

    Ressurection YZ426F

    Vwcorrado, very nice job man! Love the paint too, was curious what brand you used, Both of you guys are making me jealious ill have to start up a build thread, mines come along way with all the powder coat and a new engine
  14. Spartan426

    YZ400F Cam Chain Sproket Question

    Sorry I never saw the notification to this response. I got mine from Honda east Toledo.com their shipping takes a little while... But it's free shipping with no tax and the best price I can find on the Internet. It's not hard to find it's just expensive. I'm replacing mine because my crank spun inside it's main crank bearings. The shaft wore away it's got a lip on it so it spins in the inner bearing race, I can slide it in and out of the bearing by hand
  15. Spartan426

    02 yz426 front fender update

    Thanks man!