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  1. My shocks is leaking, gaskets is not good anymore. How do I dis-assemble the shock after it was removed from the bike. How much oil do a single shock take? Is there any person that know where I can get a workshop manual for this bike.
  2. Thanks for the answers.
  3. Thank you Dr Thumper, I will follow your advice. I got hold of a taco meter, it is for a motor-vehicle 4 cylinder, the steed is a 4 cylinder. Any advice on on trying to fit it?
  4. I ride this nice small cruiser, need some info. Summer is arriving and I am afraid of over heating. This bike have a electric fan at the back of the radiator. I bought the bike in winter, never saw the fan running. How would I know the fan work, is there a easy way to test it. Would also know if I can fit a taco meter to the bike and if so, how do I connect it (mechanical or electric). If there is someone that can give a bit of guidance, I will be very thankful. PS. My Steed is in excellent condition, 13 500 km on the clock.
  5. Thanks INTMD8 I think you are spot on, had a bike mac to come and have a look, he say the same as you. Seems the tentioner might be the problem. Maybe you can tell me, can the chain stretch and if so, how do I test if it is stretched?
  6. Hi I removed the motor, took of the tappet cover. The timing chain is loose on the cam gear, about 1mm gap, is this normal? should it not sit tight on it. Need advice please.
  7. Thanks Horri. I will start with the tensioner and timing chain and see if problem is solved. How do I know if the chain need to be replaced? I did not mess with the tensioner or any other part, only repaired the dud threads, clean up and replaced the gasket. What I did notice, the chain on the gear was fairly loose, I pressed with my finger on it to press it onto the gear to keep it in place. Shouldn't the tensioner have kept it under tension?
  8. Hi all. XL600R. I removed tappet cover to solve oil leak. Replaced cover and now there is a loud knocking sound when I try to start her up. Did all the timing as per 'CLYMER' work manual. Did see the timing chain was very lose on its gear, some friends say it might be the timing tentioner. There was a knocking sound when idle, before I did the job. Please advice.
  9. Thanks Valvesrule for your advice. About S.A, our technology is as advance as the rest of the world, it is just me that lack info and need guidance. With all the good advice I get from members like you, I do not have to go to an engineering shop and get general advice. When I go to them, I can go with a specific instruction because I got all the info from real bikers that already had the same problem and solutions. Thanks again and keep on spreading your good advice.
  10. Thanks Horri. Your advise is of great value.
  11. Hi all. I am new to this site, so please bear with me. How do I repair the following: The threat of the exhaust studs and the threads of some of the tappet cover bolts is warn out (just keep on turning). Can I cut my own head and tappet cover gasket, is it going to last.