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  1. Grizzz

    03 Yz125 Help Please

    Yeah thanks mate. yeah i am new at this, im more of a person that would rather learn as im doin it then pay some one to do it thats why im trying to solve it myself.. Yeah def gonna look for a original manual and check all this stuff.. thanks heaps for the advice ill let use no how i go
  2. Grizzz

    03 Yz125 Help Please

    Just a lil update i heard of a mate that i could run the BR8ES plug instead of the 9 plug cause it heats more as i dont fly around as im only new at this... umm i put the plug in and it kicked first go.. seems to me that wat ever the problem is it is fouling the plug and stuffing it completly no sanding back and reusing it it is wrecking the plugs?? ideas?
  3. Grizzz

    03 Yz125 Help Please

    Hey dirtcrow. We tried putting the clip up one notch and had no affect. like we couldnt even get the bike to fire. Would the clip on the pin cause the bike not to start?
  4. Grizzz

    03 Yz125 Help Please

    i bought it used so im not sure whether the jests have been changed or not... may sound like a dumb question but how can u identify them wat size and stuff they are.. its a 2004 model and im still tryin to find what the stock size jets are ment to be.. Im tryin to find a workshop manual to to get the settings from
  5. Grizzz

    03 Yz125 Help Please

    Thanks Ill have a look
  6. Grizzz

    03 Yz125 Help Please

    Hey Guys. im just gonna put it out there im fair New to the motor bike world. Ok i bought a yz 125 2 stroke of someone about 3 months ago now i dont ride it all that often as i dont get a chance. The problem is it keeps fouling plugs. Now ive had a look on the forum for others with similar problem but im just after someone who can help explain it a bit simpliar for me with out all the big words.. Now i changed plug originally and bang she fired straight away. next time i went to ride it fouled a plug. now wen i took it for next ride it fouled again. then in a matter of bout 30 mins ride it fouled a new plug again... i suspected the fuel mixture... now i drained the fuel and mixed new fuel at 40:1 put the plug in it me mate took it for bit of a spin and he said was running good.. now i went for a ride today with the new fuel and new plug in it... kicked over first kick. rode for bout 2 minutes and the plug fouled again.. i didnt have a new plug but we hit it with wet and dry. kicked it and fired straight away... reved it a lil bit and it fouled while in neutral.. we tried a few things and still cant get it to fire at all.. its sitting at my house.. Now remember im only new to this so i dont no a great deal but i took the carby off and made sure the jets and stuff werent blocked... carby was clean all the way threw. checked for spark, had good spark but just wont fire at all.. Suggestions and help Please.. Thanks guys