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  1. Hi guys, I am lost and do not have the "for Dummies" book: I have a 2011 450 SXF and am wondering where the hell the spark plug chamber could be!! If somebody could shed light into that, it would be much much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi there, my 450 SXF must endure long-time storage from time to time. Is it better to have an empty fuel tank or rather a full one with fuel stabilizer in it? Thanks to anyone who'll shed light on that.
  3. Ok Sicko, got it! will then go to the restaurant with the spared money.
  4. Hi guys, Does everybody know where we can buy Cycra Rebound handshields in Europe? Thanks
  5. Hello guys, just had a problem while pulling to strongly on the angle piece linked to the radiator cap (2011 SX F 450), you know the part with PVC hose? I'm guessing it is used to somehow free the cooling liquid when too much has been added? Anyway, I can't know where that pvc hose was embedded in the first place, in the chassis or anywhere else, maybe inside another pipe? But which one? As at now, the pvc hose is on the loose! (albeit still linked to the angle piece, that latter plugged to the radiator) Could anyone shed some light please? Many thanks...
  6. Finally I ended up applying hair gel before twisting the grips. Seems working very well, I haven't have any slide on me for the moment...but I still wonder whether applying wire or not to secure the whole once for all!
  7. will give a try then, thanks for the advices.
  8. ok then but where do I have to cut them off? I've been told it could work by using hair spray or even paint...!
  9. oh yes, grip-sets
  10. Hi there, could somebody advise on how to make a change in handles? Seems being somewhat difficult, isn't it? But I'm guessing nothing particuliar for a SXF450...thanks a lot.
  11. thanks a lot guys, you make me breath with relief...I was creepy scared by thinking my faith would be to always ride with a pair of pliers set to be plugged!
  12. Knowledge management is the key isn't it? sounds like corporate talk...beurk! See you later dude...
  13. Awesome, thanks for the news...I was told there was no way to have a re-charge while running! coming from a 450 SXF rider if I'm not wrong, your talk is gold!
  14. Hi there, I'm a new joiner from Paris (France) and much happy to launch here among you, pretty thumper buff guys... Anyway, my brand new 2011 450 SX-F is like an electric vehicle, plugged to the electrical circuit and waiting for the battery to be full loaded. That said, how long will the bike remain with the initial charge before begging for additional current? Do I have to systematically launch a charge after the ride? Do I have a chance to have the bike drop dead while riding? Many questions I know but I haven't got the slightest experience as to how a thumper is working with an electric start...thanks a lot for your kind help guys.