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  1. yeah good fun. heaps of trails etc and a pretty good mx track.
  2. Emu Creek Extreme Retreat.. its near tabulam? 2 hours from Byron Bay. you know it?
  3. hey guys, im thinking of going riding by myself tomorrow. its at a MX park about 1.5 hours away. there wont be many people there being a weekday (monday). but i want to get some practice in. the park is large. like 2000 acres large. so staff arent always around. anyway. do you guys ever go on your own? if so are there any precations you make / take? i'll be taking water and a UHF. (the park has dedicated channel for emergencys)..
  4. I just got done today I'm about to go call them and give them an earful, (live to far tong back and see them today)
  5. why do peple tape the spokes up?
  6. Hey guys I've looked at getting my rims powder coated but quickly learned it's not the way to go if I want to be able to adjust the spokes And anodizing isnt available near me at the moment. Anyway, what your thoughts on just sanding them a bit hitting it with some primer and the just spray painting them? I know regular touch ups will be necessary. But other than buying already black rims (don't have the cash riGhT now) I dont know how else I could do it.. I have spray painted things before (some disc guards) on the bike, and they have held up really well. Anyway your thoughts? Anyone done it? How'd it go? Any pics? And how are they now?
  7. Very true.. But I was just going by what I was told. I'll give it a few hours and some testing and adjusting and see how we go. Thanks very much guys.
  8. I have .42 for the front.. And they bike wasn't bad before at 5.2 I got used to it. So it'll be better now I guess anyway
  9. Yeah but I'm mainly doing motocross so that's why alot told me 4.8... I'm guessing How do I get it closer to 30 - 40mm Static? Adjust preload? Run 110mm?
  10. It's an 08' CRF 250r. And I weigh in at 63kg with gear..
  11. hey guys, after ringing many companys, bike tuning shops and suspension specialists i was told by countless to buy and install a 4.8kg/mm rear shock spring.. just finished installing it, and my static sag is at 48mm unloaded on stand - 620mm Loaded with all gear - 520mm Unloaded OFF stand - 572mm so i set my Race sag spot on 100mm but my static is still out? and i had 7 companys (including racetech) tell me to get a 4.8kg/mm.. so whats the go? am i missing something?
  12. And can I do up 1 ring until I get the preload right, then tighten the other?
  13. Cool and 1 other thing can I do it without removing the subframe every time? Sorry haven't had a good look at it..
  14. So tighten it about 10mm more once the nut hits the spring?
  15. Hey guys. I'm not sure what spring preload to tighten up to on my crf250 with my new 4.8 spring. Is it trial and error ( removing sub frame, putting back on etc.) Or can I adjust it without removing the sub frame?? Also what's the best tool to use for the adjusting nuts? Other than a pin spanner? Thanks guys..