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    1990 KX250 Help!

    Ok here the short story. i bought this bike as a project.Did not run and was pretty beat paid 250 for it. disasebled whole bike to restore . did repaint on frame sent out the cylider to be sleeved, was wipped out. got it back reassembled with new piston,rings ect. went to start, nothing!!! checked spark I can see spark, checked carb ok (i have even tried starter fluid) still nothing! I know I have compression the machine shop even finished honed the cylinder to the supllied wiseco piston. Any Ideas? One thing I did notice the piston travel stops about 3/16 inch from top of cylinder is that right on kx 250. On my last bike ktm 300 exc the piston came right to the top of the cylinder and I had to set the squish with base gaskets? Any help would be great. I have already spent 340 on cylider sleeving and piston, and 250 on bike, and it still needs plastics 150, exhaust 100, and spent 125 on seat cover and bars ect..should I just part it out at this point. oh and my kick starter grabs and then doesnt how bad is that fix do i have to split the cases for that?