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  1. Hello William- The carb is a FCR MX- I sent Eddie some photo's and he said it was the "right one" but was not clear on what I need to connect it to the airbox. I don't mean to hijack this tread, but search results have returned 100's of posts and so far I'm not able to find the details for the carb bell. I have the correct intake. Mike
  2. I'm about to do this same install but I'm not sure what is needed to connect the "s" airbox to the carb. Did you need anything to make this work?
  3. MikeHolmes

    Moving to VA with a CA Plated XR650R

    Hello Wolfcomm, I don't think you will have much trouble getting a new tag in VA... Horn and Odo will be needed, but turn signals are not. I've had good luck with MFI in Woodbridge VA (866 583-9600) if you need a shop in the area. Welcome to VA- enjoy
  4. MikeHolmes

    POWERBANDS kawi2fiddy

    That was exacly what I needed to kick off my weekend!
  5. I think the guy meant that it runs as well as a 450.... I don't think he "said" it's a 450.