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    enjoying the outdoors. rock crawling, camping, and drinking beer. i will build another bike when business allows me. harleys and dirt bikes are my two wheeled interests.

    the good guys in the suspension industry; Ride Concepts, I've used in several makes/models and skill levels. the product always delivers. DGS suspension, specializing in off road and woods setups, Russ is an exceptional tuner. Pro Tune suspension, ktm specialist, Corey is also one of the best. KAS Suspension in England; Karl is killing it over the pond.


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  1. GDI70

    Xplor fork solutions

    1500.00 isn't out of line considering i just helped someone who paid a big name company 1200.00, and sent them back twice, before I got them.
  2. GDI70

    2018 kx450 suspension changes

    I would definitely keep the 18 forks and get it valved. The shocks didn't change much. The 17 got changes to chassis if i recall. My fast 160lb rider is running 140m and my 185lb pro running 160m. I'd have to see where they are running rest of chambers. Thats just off memory. The feedback is positive, and once they settled on pressures, they have kept them.
  3. GDI70

    2018 kx450 suspension changes

    Yes they run less pressure in 18 from 16. The pressure spring is changed, as is the valving. I like both, but the 17 and 18 are improved over 15/16. I would tune the new cartridge to work with the new lower recommended air pressures.
  4. GDI70

    Training Seminars

    I did the race tech seminar in 07. It was an excellent course. At the time there may have been 15 students max. I wished we had that as part of the MMI curriculum years prior. I had done some schools after, but the information from rt was valuable, and payed dividends over the long term. SPRINGS!!!! That's one of my favorite parts of the school. Most of us that had gone through schools enjoyed the information, as we're all gearheads to begin with.
  5. GDI70

    Race tech nitrogen bolt

    Ive serviced their bladders, no problem. I think mx tech, and moto pro make them as well. K tech, and csr probably also.
  6. GDI70

    Race tech nitrogen bolt

    Race tech, factory services do
  7. GDI70

    KYB SSS vs Showa (a kit style) 49mm

    KYB all day. Just my opinion, but I've always preferred KYB to everything else.
  8. GDI70

    fork spring tester

    Here's a fork spring guide i built for mine. I will eventually build another frame, and get an appropriate load cell; most likely 0-125lb range.
  9. GDI70

    fork spring tester

    Cooper engineering has load cells which may be in the range to accurately test spings. I saw some on ebay years ago. You could fab a frame .
  10. GDI70

    Race tech nitrogen bolt

    I've used them before with the sdi filling tool. The needles work fine with the bolt. Never had an issue, and ive probably used a handful of them over the years. This measured .028"
  11. That's an awesome idea. Good that business is truckin for you guys down under. I wish there was a technical touch style showa hard parts dealer in the states. I'm sure you'll get a good response from racing teams with suspension budgets.
  12. GDI70

    Factory Connection

    I know evan in fc socal. Try them, but the specs, especially for off road is back east.
  13. GDI70

    Factory Connection

    Call fc in new hampshire. Thats the main office.
  14. The word pro is as misused in the tuning world, as much as the rider world lol.
  15. GDI70

    hi - low range ,oil

    Sounds like valving and fork springs too stiff for your terrain.