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  1. Sorry guys, I forgot to update this thread, and hopefully by doing so, it will help some others out. OK, so here's an update. Got my leak tester built. Hooked everything up and pumped it up to 6 lbs. Lost about 1 lb over 8-10 minutes, but I had a small leak around the header flange to the head (I could see bubbles there). So I took the route that it was not an air leak causing the issue. I jumped the pilot size up to 35 (was 30) and jumped the main jet up to 440 (was 420). I also raised the needle up one slot (now the clip is in the 2nd position from the bottom). I have the air screw at 1.5 turns out and had to adjust the idle up just a smidge. I am very happy with the way it idles now and it doesn't race up when I hit the throttle anymore. I'm guessing because it was lean before and now it's getting more fuel in the low range and at idle.
  2. Yeah, I hear ya. I have posted in a couple other forums, just thought I would get as much exposure as possible. I just ordered a new pilot jet as the one that is in there looks deformed, almost like the PO tightened it too much.......... So I will see if that makes a difference. I also ordered a main jet above and below the stock position, so I can mess with that. I really don't think the needle position will change much as that doesn't really effect the idle. I'll have to mess with it after I get back from vacation though, I'll be gone for a week now.
  3. This is my first quad in over 20 years. Also my first Zilla'. So I took this 87 on trade and it ran OK when I got it but seemed rich to me (smoked like a chimney). I don't know much about the motor but the guy told me it had been rebuilt (who really knows though). Has about 160-170 compression. The first weekend I got it, I took it out for a ride because I wanted to make sure it ran well before I started sticking money into it. And like I said earlier, it seemed to run fin but ran rich. So the following weeks I spent putting wheel bearings in, rebuilt the clutch, got some new tires etc. Yesterday I decide to pull the carb and clean it and check what it had for needle and jets. Needle and main are stock and the clip was in 3rd position. I noted that the air screw was only 1/2 turn out and stock setting should be 1-1/2. So I adjusted to 1-1/2 after cleaning. Now when I start it, it idles very high. I have the idle screw all the way out and it still idles high. If I set the air screw at 1 turn out, it will idle OK for a few seconds but will continuously run faster and faster. I'm not sure where to go from here. Do I have a carb issue?? Do I have an air leak somewhere?? I did check the reeds and they looked good and the boot didn't appear cracked anywhere either. Thanks for any help and hopefully this is the right forum.
  4. Piranha-z

    Clutch torque specs needed - Quadzilla

    Thanks for the reply. I am guessing they don't need to be super tight as they are always under the load of the springs once snugged up. Yeah, I went to the site once and it said "virus" on my screen so I just bailed out. Maybe I'll check it out again.
  5. Hey guys, wasn't sure if this was the right location but couldn't really find a better one. Have an 87 LT500 that I am doing some clutch work on. Took the clutches out to inspect and clean up the grooves in the basket. I am looking in my shop manual and it doesn't give any torque specs for the clutch disc bolts. I know they are probably pretty low as they are not that big of a bolt, but would like some idea. Anyone have any thoughts???
  6. Piranha-z

    What silencer do I have????

    Well, I ended up getting a brand new T-4 Pro Circuit slip-on muffler for $200! It was missing two springs, but I got those for $10. Just put it on and the fit to the head pipe is very snug
  7. Piranha-z

    What silencer do I have????

    Cool! I ended up getting a Pro Circuit pipe. Should be here early next week. I'll post after I get it installed. At least I know what I have now
  8. Piranha-z

    What silencer do I have????

    Well, I'm OK with this, but can I keep the headpipe??? Can someone get me an O.D. of their stock headpipe outlet?? I would assume the Pro Circuit would be the same, but I guess assuming is not always a good thing!!
  9. Piranha-z

    What silencer do I have????

    OK. Well, it's not stock so I am guessing this should have a tight fit and it does not. Once the muffler pipe is installed over the end of the head pipe, I can still move it quite a bit. Not really sure how to go about sealing it any better though. Only thing I could really do is have the end of the head pipe expanded a little bit. I still can't figure out what pipe is on it. It's not stock because the holes don't match what a stock pipe is for 2004, plus it's stamped 2004 right on the pipe, which would lead me to believe that it's aftermarket as nobody else has posted that their stock pipe has this stamping. I am almost to the point of just picking up a used Powercore muffler cheap and seeing how that fits. This bike is just kind of a frankenstein, so I never know what's been done to it.
  10. Piranha-z

    What silencer do I have????

    Thought I'd bring this back up. It's been awhile and I still don't know what muffler I have on this thing........... I do have another question though. The head pipe on this bike appears to be a Pro Circuit. When the muffler is bolted in place, it doesn't have a very tight fit to the head pipe and isn't even overlapping that much. Shouldn't the muffler be clamped or something??? It's black around where they overlap, so I know it's leaking there. What do you guys think???
  11. Piranha-z

    At wit's end with this bike............

    Now I know why everything I design at work must be keyed for direction!! It was an easy mistake to make. If you go by looks alone, it doesn't look right when it's installed the correct way. Weird.....................
  12. Piranha-z

    At wit's end with this bike............

    I appreciate the offer to come and look at it though. I was kinda at the end of my rope after testing everything. I had a hunch it was gonna be something stupid like that too, just didn't know where!!
  13. Piranha-z

    At wit's end with this bike............

    For sure!!! The thing is, I would have never thought to check that piece because it actually fits the way I had it, but there is a hole in the plate that must be on the bottom. If I remember correctly, when I slid the valve plate asm out, the plate just fell off. So I guess all the aggravation had a 50/50 chance from the start
  14. Piranha-z

    At wit's end with this bike............

    Well, aside from feeling like a complete idiot now, I am happy to have the bike running. After reading your post I was thinking, jeez, this thing only goes one way right?? WRONG. Apparently when I took the carb apart to clean it, I put that plate back on the wrong way (square side down). It actually fits on there both ways. I tore the carb completely down and cleaned everything again and that's when I noticed that it was not installed the way you mentioned above. I switched it to the correct orientation and put everything back together. Turned the fuel on and checked the drain on the bowl to make sure I was getting fuel down there and I was. Hopped on the bike, put the choke on, and kicked twice. Fired right up. I adjusted the idle a smidge and let it run for a bit. Shut it down. Went to start it again and used the hot start, and started right up. I want to thank everyone for all the ideas of what to look at and try. Persistence paid off in the end. I'm just happy the dang thing is running again! If it wasn't for TT (and hi_im_sean), I would have probably put it in the corner and rode the CR250 for the summer. Hopefully this case is closed!!!