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  1. Gallagher

    2003 yz450f dirt dike timing

    Right on man....that's weird that the decomp stuff is missing.... I imagine that if it was off by 180 degrees that somebody just put a cam timing chain in it.
  2. Gallagher

    2003 yz450f dirt dike timing

    Do you have the manual? It's all in there. If you don't have a manual, get one! On the left side flywheel cover there are two round ports with flat slots on them. Unscrew these. Take the spark plug out and valve cover off. Inside the bigger port is the flywheel nut, get a ratchet and socket that fits this. Inside the smaller port there are two notches (top and bottom) on the inside of the port. on the flywheel there are markings....I believe it's an "H" and and "I". Use the ratchet to turn the crank until the "I" is inline with the two notches inside the small port. Now look at the cam gears, they'll have a center-punched mark on both gears. If you bike is timed right, the intake (rear) cam punch mark will be at the same level as the top surface of the head where the valve cover seats. On the exhaust cam gear there will be the same mark that will be at the same level as the top surface of the head as well. If my memory is correct, the intake mark will be close to the rear of the head and the exhaust mark will be close to the front of the head, with the intake cam lobes pointing up and back, exhaust cam lobes pointing up and forward. If the flywheel mark is in line with the marks in the small hole, and your punch marks are not quite level with the top of the head you likely have a stretched cam chain...get a new one, they are cheap. This is by memory, someone may chime in and correct me, but I'm 99% sure this is should get you timed ccorrectly. Check your valve clearances while you're in there.
  3. Gallagher

    New Top End....Silver oil....04 YZ450

    Awesome, thanks for the help!
  4. Gallagher

    New Top End....Silver oil....04 YZ450

    Not milky at all, just grey. As mentioned, not glittery either. Coolant level normal antifreeze still looked new, oil level normal, bike ran great until the clutch started slipping. I'm going to try brentn's idea of 50/50 atf and oil for a couple of minutes at idle, and flush it. Install new clutch, new oil and filter and then take it for another run and check it again.
  5. Gallagher

    New Top End....Silver oil....04 YZ450

    Ahhh...that could make sense because the clutch was engaging right at the end of the stroke, fully adjusted. About 45 min after starting the ride it started slipping in all gears....limped it home and drained the oil.
  6. Hi, I just put a new Cylinder, piston and rings in my 2004 YZ450. Took it for about a 1 hour break in run as per the shop manual, and drained it to do oil and filter. The oil was new MOTUL Synthetic (5100 I think). The oil that came out was very grey, almost silver, but was not glittery or sparkly, but not transparent at all. Is this normal for a first break in run, or should I be nervous? A buddy of mine told be to drain it, fill it back up with diesel, take the spark plug out and kick it over a whole bunch of times. Then drain it out well, clean the screen, fill it back up with new oil and filter, prime the oil system and it should be well cleaned out. I've never heard of this, and wasn't sure that it sounded like a good idea..... I should mention that the old cylinder and piston were extremely worn out...perhaps could have been crap sitting in the motor from that. ....any opinions? Thanks, Jeff
  7. Gallagher

    2004 yz 450 head question

    Awesome, thanks very much!
  8. Just putting together a "new to me" 2004 yz 450 that I bought in pieces. Cylinder head is missing a bolt on the right side of the cylinder, just above the front right cylinder head bolt, above the exhaust....looks to be a 6mm bolt coming off of the right side exhaust port. The bolt is horizontal, going into the head from right to left....I have pic, couldn't figure out how to DL it??? I have gone through my manual front to back twice and scoured the internet and I don't see a reference to this bolt.....can anybody help with this? hoping to go for a first ride this weekend! Thanks in advance! Jeff
  9. Gallagher

    2004 YZ450 Oil in Cylinder...Help!

    Hey, thanks for the reply! Turns out the cylinder is worn out of spec by around 5 thou. New cylinder time!
  10. Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster....hoping somebody might be able to help me out. I had a question about the engine in my 2004 yz450f. At the end of last year, over a fairly short period of time I started to get quite a bit of blue exhaust smoke and was down on power. The bike still runs smooth, starts easily and hasn’t lost a ton of power. I pulled the head off to see what was up, and the first thing I noticed was that the recesses for the exhaust valves in the top of the piston had a measurable amount of liquid oil pooled in them. I had a good look at the head and valve gear and didn’t see any issues, and the piston bore is in great shape. One thing I did notice was that I could move the piston in the cylinder an amount that was visible to the naked eye. Piston was not scored at all. Is it possible that the piston could have worn evenly enough to have movement without doing damage to itself or the cylinder walls, and the oil on the top of the piston is blow by? Doesn’t seem realistic to me, but I don’t see any other issues? I will check to see how the piston and cylinder measurements check with spec, I was just wondering if maybe I’m missing something that somebody may be able to shed some light on….I’m fairly new to taking apart 4 strokes. Thanks, Jeff