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    offroad atvs. bikes eating i think thats a hobby i do it every day!!!
    a Beast Just doesn't have pull start
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    a Beast Just doesn't have pull start
    Built like a tank
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    Built like a tank
    Power Horse Straight from the factory
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    Power Horse Straight from the factory
  4. Here is my 04 yzf 450 before and after still not finished with it and some of my other toys Thats all my quads the first blaster is before and a after
  5. Yamaha

    Some Mighty clean trailer beauty's lol im not trying to offend anyone they some spotless rides... here is one of my 660 raptor now some of it when its clean its a Deep forest Green
  6. Yamaha

    write down vin number on motor and call into local dealer they can answer your question
  7. Lol my brother is Tree pron they Love to jump out in front of him thank god hes not on a bike yet he took my bike out for a spin (first time on a bike) yea 450f he said he needs to get one i said nope trees love you . four wheelers are little kinder then bikes lol i just but a camcorder for riding so i will have some videos this year of him eating some bark lol
  8. Funny 2 years ago april 10th me and and a Buddie was riding my 400ex and he was riding my 250 blaster we road down the grade ( rocky or rail road ) in cloquet mn trail was water lof from ice and snow melting spent 5 hrs out riding on way home last two miles. rounded a corner doing about 40 just to see a 14 year old kid throw a small log about 8 inchs wide it bounced up shot threw my right side a frame destroyed the plastic caught my right foot spun it to the 3 o'clock position. i stopped my friend didn't see it happen. saw my foot facing at 3 and i was holding it like it was supposed to be at noon said *fudge* started the quad back up caught up to him told him my foot was broke he looked down and stopped we called 911 and tried and tried to explain where we was this is a trail wide enough for rescue.. when they finely understood i told them i would meet them at the end of the trail . i tried riding sitting down on the quad it was just causing to much pain so i placed my foot on the back bar and while riding to the end it had reset itself ... 2 years later still having trouble with the ankle broke the rear leg bone tore everything ligament in the ankle, here is some pic's
  9. What most people dont see is you can have a cdi box As Long its not connected to a batteries. when the so called even happens .. for it to blow the brain its got to have a constance power supply , How many bikes have a constance supply of power ? then ask yourself how many of those dont have a battery. zipo none hope this helps alittle
  10. hey powers450f you around ??
  11. powers450f Lol real small world !!! yea i dont get paid again till the first then ill run down to rj's and buy some shims then ill get back at ya if you dont mind..
  12. i did under both cams like it showed in the pic! Something else i noticed left cam looks to be off alittle?