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  1. Hi After a bigger rebuild I have gotten my husky out running but it seems to have some carb adjustment issues. It start pretty good and run pretty decent but it won't pop up the front wheel and the other day when I was giving it some throttle on a straight road it started stalling. I was driving around 85mph and it suddenly went out. When I was driving a bit slower I could release the clutch and get it running again but it would'nt run smooth until I stopped and waited a bit. Then It started fine again and would run as usual on my way back. I bought it with a stuck cylinder that is now replaced, so I have no clue how it was running before. I have read in the "must do mods" on the forum to change the fuel screw and buy the JD kit or re-jet. Could that be my issue? Any help is appreciated!
  2. Throttle cable had jumped out of the base of the cable holder. Idle seems to be fine again, when I got it back on its spot. Sometimes the easiest solutions can be the hardest to find. Thanks! Troels
  3. I have set and rechecked valves now. 100% sure they are set at the spot. It starts with no problem. Previously I had to give it a little throttle to start. Now I just kicked it and it picks up, but still idle is way to high. I can hold idle down by leaving choke on, but when I flip it it goes nuts again. I tried to spray some start-help around the intake to see if the engine would react, but nothing changed. I tried to set the mix screw and idle screw to just one turn, but still way too high. Is there anything else I could adjust on the carb without re-jetting?
  4. note: It was my second time adjusting valves and I was reading all the tips I could, but people write it in so many different ways that I might not did it on TDC-C. Is it possible the intake valve has been damaged and is somehow "open" all the time? Would it even be possible to drive it if the valves are adjusted on the wrong TDC?
  5. Hi I just got my husky on the road after a major rebuild. It has worked fine until I adjusted the valves. They were a bit loose so I tightened them up to 0.004 int. and 0.006 ex. I should'nt have done that. It has been a bitch to start since and I have only been driving 5-10km. Now I loosened them just a tiny bit so they were closer to where they were. It's still a pain to start and when I finally got it started it was mad high in idle - when the choke was still on it would be more normal but still be a bit high, but when I flip it off it goes nuts again. I tried to adjust the mix screw to only 1 turn out but not better. Any ideas what could be wrong? Troels
  6. It is a left kick model and the diameter of the puller should be around 27mm. Not sure which ignition system is on it..
  7. Hi I need a flywheel puller for my 610te from ´98 but can not seem to find the correct model or size. Does any one of you know the diameter of the puller and where to by it? Thanks! -Troels