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  1. I stage at a friends cabin at 4000ft,hi 88. From there we have plans to ride to hi50,hi4,any where there is dirt .there is ample parking we are welcome there ,and all rigs are safe there. The brides include pi pi ohv, wilseyville area.
  2. Newman , i do a lot of dualsport in the sierras. We should get together after the snow melts.also a450 exc.
  3. Ditto on gas . Been using gas since 1969,and no bad results.
  4. I loosley zip tied the key to the ign. Bracket. Jump the wire from the round side of the plug to tyhe other round side, if you lose the key.
  5. Gs not a bike? Gravel bite your but i will say if i cut back to 1 bike, my wife will have me comitted, shell know ive lost my mind. I started riding 1969, and i need , i say need my bikes...
  6. Look into a650klrfor a do it all bike. It is acompromise but it will do every thing but tight trail work,,,ie gnarly type. Klr does almost every thing else....good luck
  7. The only downside might be. And i say ..might....trans oil thin,so i wonderabout a cushion between the gears???
  8. Started my grandson at six .you can give instructions and you know he understands. This is important. 1st.a petal bike without pedals. Easy way to learn balance. Didnt have good luck with training wheels . Training wheels dont teach balance..
  9. I think non oring is used by racers looking for less friction and more hp.they wear too fast and also wearout sprockets. Way too much money wasted 4 a trail rider..
  10. I got my ktm from john moore. A 2011 450 exc. He jetted and regeared the bike before delivery. At no charge, just parts. Try that at another dealer. Ive now rode at death valley, and to 9000ft in nevada. You can check around . I dont think you will find abetter shop.
  11. A man just got a plate for a honda 450x. It can be done ,but alot of work.there is a web site to go to for this information,
  12. U might want to ask a shop or fellow 250 rider about 12..54. I dont know anyone who went that low sounds drastic.
  13. U can use 13.48 andstill run 90 mph. 1st is still low enough for trail work. Allows u to run stock chain if it came with a15.45. Good luck.
  14. Chas,i have the same tank first refuel.i was almost praying for help ,,,and its not getting any better. 1k,30 hrs.