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  1. Rexinre

    2003 exc 450

    Thank you very much battle! BTW I ordered this... https://kushsprockets.3dcartstores.com/KTM-Husaberg-Kush-Sprocket_p_69.html can't wait!
  2. Rexinre

    2003 exc 450

    I know the previous owner said its off another bike and that's why cosmetically the seat doesn't fit.
  3. Rexinre

    2003 exc 450

    Big... lol, not 100% but I can go about 150-170 miles on it. so probably a 3-3.5 gal tank or so. If that makes sense. The corners are good to go! thanks for your concerns though!
  4. Rexinre

    2003 exc 450

    I thought I shared this already, but I couldn't find it here so I will post it again. I wanted a rack I can throw on some fairly heavy gear, but they were very expensive... So I decided to custom weld my own. Here is the process and the finished product. All tacked up... Put on blinker protectors!! Welding it all together! Painted and on.
  5. Rexinre

    2003 exc 450

    I broke my cheap mirror so decided to get some new ones. After looking at a few different types I decided to go with the cheap 15$ ones from MSR. I ordered a left and a right but when I got them I found that the right should be on the left and vice verse. Here are some pix. If you see the old mirror on the right it hits the handlebars and doesn't come out as far, so when looking into it all you see is your shoulder. The one on the left is the new one that actually goes on the right side. Both sides switched I moved things around to make it work a little better. Overall a good product... satisfied with how they look and work. And for 15-20 bones I can buy 5-6 for the price of some of the other ones I was looking at.
  6. Sweet bro... Thats what I like to hear. What type of oil cooler are you going to use? I want to get one, but don't want to pay 500 bones for it.
  7. I ride mine with duel sport tires to and from work... 180 mile round trip. Bike is fine. I am looking to do an oil cooler, but as for now frequent oil changes for me are minor. I usually keep it about 75 and under. At times I go faster to pass someone being stupid or a big truck, max of 90-95mph. I think for fun the fastest I had it was 101! I did balance the tires and its like night and day. Get the tires balanced. Just do it, if you rent something to get you to the dirt you will regret it. Interchangeable parts were invented for a reason!!
  8. Rexinre

    Kush Sprocket use?

    I can deal with that... Sounds good. Worse case scenario I can pick up a tooth in the front??
  9. Rexinre

    Kush Sprocket use?

    They said the 50 tooth is going to be available sometime around the 15th of this month... Do you think that would make much of a difference to go from 48 - 50? I don't want to get stuck with high revs on the road.
  10. Rexinre

    KTM 450 XC-W vs EXC

    X2 I got an EXC and love it. Best of both worlds!
  11. Rexinre

    Computer Fan Install Pictures for KTM EXC

    A lot of good info here! Nice job.
  12. Rexinre

    Kush Sprocket use?

    Mine is a 48. Id like to stay in the same range... 47ish
  13. Rexinre

    Kush Sprocket use?

    What size sprocket did you go with. I tried to order one and their site says out of stock... I emailed them, so waiting for a response.
  14. Rexinre

    Kush Sprocket use?

    Any new news on this?
  15. Rexinre

    2003 exc 450

    Thank you all!!